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New milestone in China-African relation: A new journey of CGGC
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Documentary of CGGC's Participation in the FOCAC Johannesburg Summit

New milestone in China-African relation: A new journey of CGGC

Lyu Zexiang delivers a keynote speech on China-Africa Investment and Financing Forum. [Photo /]

On December 4, 2015, the grand opening ceremony of the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-African Cooperation was held in South Africa jointly hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Africa President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. This is the first China-African Summit ever held in African continent and the second 15-year summit following the Beijing Summit in 2006. Considering its significance and extraordinary achievements, it implicates a new chapter of China-African relations forging towards a higher level.

Such a new page is expected to be kept on historic record: on this Forum, CGGC was honored one of the "Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa". African marketalso occupies half of the total overseas contracting amount of CGGC over the five years from 2010 to 2015. With its unlimited potentials, Africa once again becomes the focus of attention of the top-level design and survey team of regional markets of CGGC. No pains, no gains. As a pioneer in China's "going out" strategy, CGGC is committed to be a long-term investor in Africa. She is also destined to be part of the memory of South Africa. As a participant in and builder of China-African friendship, she is doomed to fly even higher in the new era.

Flying with the Wind: Our Ability on Full Display

It is hot summer in the ardent sunshine in the Southern Hemisphere in December. The national heads and leading governmental officials of 50 African countries and chairman of the African Union all had a get-together in Johannesburg to express their friendship to the Chinese president, talk about cooperation and promote win-win partnership. A three-year plan was passed for development of China-African relations in all aspects, demonstration of the win-win partnership and joint development of China and Africa to the world. As an outstanding representative of Chinese enterprises, CGGC was invited to attend the opening ceremony and relevant events of the Summit.

Among the few corporate representatives invited to attend the grand ceremony of the Summit, CGGC witnessed President Xijinping's declaration to offer a total of 60 billion US dollars to preferentially finance ten major partnership projects in industrialization, agricultural modernization and infrastructure in the next three years. We also witnessed the elevation of the new-type strategic partnership to all-round strategic partnership between China and Africa.

During the China-Africa Investment and Financing Forum jointly sponsored by the State Reform and Development Commission, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Standard Bank of South Africa, Lyu Zexiang, general manager of CGGC International, delivered a keynote speech entitled "New Driving Forces of Innovation and Development and Joint Exploration of the Global Market between China and Africa". He introduced the extraordinary achievements, advanced experience, great general strength, pioneering spirits of innovation, strong sense of social responsibility and sincerity of CGGC for joint development to all participants of the meeting and the mainstream global media from three perspectives, i.e. performance of social responsibility, promotion of partnership between China and Africa and assistance in the restructuring of the African economy.

Yuan Baoyi, Deputy General Manager of CGGC International, attended the high-level dialog between leading officials and industrial and commercial representatives of China and Africa and the 5th Conference of Chinese and South African Entrepreneurs jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Department of Trade and Industry (South Africa). The industrial and academic elites who participated in the dialog and conference discussed the trend of cooperation between China and Africa in infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, finance and mining and development prospects of bilateral trade and economic relations.

At the China-South Africa Trade and Investment Forum, Chinese and South African Enterprise Exchange Meeting and more other exhibitions, workshops and seminars, our representatives introduced the story of Gezhouba and promoted our brand to African Continent through their professional, progressive and positive spirits and gained extensive credits and acclaims.

Friends at all corners of the world: joint development for win-win partnership

The Summit was attended by numerous guests in Johannesburg. It became a stage for mutual exchanges and establishment of friendship. At this memorable historic moment, we met old friends and made new friends. We shared our cooperation experience and discussed future development blueprints with the leaders of eight African countries and four ministers, including Nigeria. It fit in with our business goal to "make more new friends".

Lyu Zexiang and Yuan Baoyi, the general manager and deputy general manager of CGGC International respectively introduced the development history, technical ability, investment ability, financing ability, global network and recent representative projects of CGGC, our concept of "credibility, equality and win-win partnership", our operating conditions in African nations in recent years and the progress of some key projects to the high-ranking governmental officials of many African countries. We also expressed our thanks for the support and help of the governments and people of various African countries in the long past. Finally, we expressed our good wishes to promote the extensive and deep cooperation between China and Africa in construction and investment in the fields of energy, transportation and other infrastructures.

Our old friends recalled their deep impressions on the TGP dam and expressed gratitude for CGGC's contributions to promoting their key national projects, expectations to further promote long-term stable socioeconomic development and continuous improvement of people's living standards. The new friends that we made in the Summit expressed their appreciation for our high overall strength and great achievements in the internationalization of the business. They invited us to dispatch delegation to visit their countries as soon as possible and expressed wishes to have CGGC participate in the construction and investment of their national energy and transportation infrastructures.

The leading officials of various African countries all believed that CGGC enjoyed high reputation in Africa for our TGP project and a series of outstanding projects in Africa. They all expected us to engage in more quality projects in Africa in the future. They believed the bilateral partnerships would contribute to a better future for both China and Africa.

Lyu Zexiang and his delegation also paid a visit to over ten ambassadors, counselors and consuls of China to African countries during the trip to Africa to report the progress of CGGC's projects in Africa and listen to their opinions and proposals. We also discussed with heads of relevant financial institutions of China.

Realizing dreams in a solid and fruitful manner

No pains, no gains. Our strenuous efforts and strong commitments have brought us fruitful gains. During the Summit, CGGC carried out in-depth communications and exchanges with many African countries, reached a series of common understandings on mutually beneficial partnership and signed multiple partnership agreements in the electric power sector.

In Nigeria, we will have close cooperation with the Nigerian government, fully utilize the framework established and the convenience offered by the Johannesburg Summit and construct key nodes of national power supply network of Nigeria so as to promote development of resource, public utilities construction, transportation, employment and relevant service industries in surrounding regions and remedy severe lack of electricity in the capital city of Nigeria.

In Malawi, CGGC is saddled with the mission of constructing energy heart of the country with an aim to break the bottleneck of power supply, release the enormous potentials of economic development in the vast regions between Lilongwe, the capital city, and Blantyre, the economic center of Malawi.

Meanwhile, many presidents and ministers have called us for visits to their countries. The seeds that we sewed in the Summit have sprouted and we will see a bumper harvest in the near future.

On December 5, 2015, the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-African Cooperation came to a successful conclusion with the signing of two blueprints, i.e. Declaration of the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation: Johannesburg Action Plan (2016-2018).

The bilateral trade and economic cooperation between China and Africa has developed rapidly in the past 15 years of the China-African Forum. In 2014, the trade volume between China and Africa reached 222 billion US dollars, 21 times of that of 2000. China has been the largest trading partner of Africa for six years' running.

With strenuous efforts and diligence of CGGC in the past 10 years, its international business has started from the scratch and developed on a stable and sustainable track through reforms and innovations.

China and Africa constitute a community of common destiny. The African continent is also essential to our international business. In light of historic calls and herald of the era, we will be developing stably and firmly towards our goal of becoming a multinational corporation and realizing the blueprints depicted in the Guidance.

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