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Chen Xiaohua heads for Cambodia with his delegation to do market research
Date:2015-12-27 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

From 22nd to 25th December, 2015, Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of CGGC and Chairman of CGGC International, left for Cambodia with his delegation to take in-depth survey and research on market development, management and investment of projects under construction, public relations and other aspects to carry out the overall deployment of CGGC international business top-level design in pursuit of the national strategy of "Belt and Road".

During his survey and research, Chen Xiaohua, together with his delegation, visited an influx of senior officials, principals of relevant ministries and commissions as well as counselors of the Economy and Commerce, Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, further communicated with some Chinese enterprises, investigated project sites, and carried out a series of efficient research and public relations activities.

Chen Xiaohua made a detailed introduction to development course, technology strength, investment and financing abilities, CGGC's global layout and representative international projects constructed in recent years, further presented the cooperation philosophy of "Honesty, fairness, win-win", and expressed his expectation to communicate and cooperation in depth with Cambodian Government in every aspect. Cambodian government officials and principals of relevant ministries and commissions expressed their appreciation for CGGC's performance capability and sense of social responsibility in infrastructure fields, and expected to cooperate with it in more fields.

During the survey and research, Chen Xiaohua hosted a meeting to deeply analyze characteristics of the Cambodian market, teased out foreign public relations and further figured out market development methods. Chen Xiaohua said, "We should further improve the public-relation level and lead member enterprises to develop Cambodian market in a joint effort. We should go all out to perform projects under construction so as to boost market development. Meanwhile, we should adjust overall deployment according to countries circled in the top-level design of international business of CGGC and actively explore the Cambodian market. We shall study investment environment of commercial real estate in Cambodia carefully and discuss the feasibility of real estate development and investment in Cambodia thoroughly. We shall give full play to the functions of leading and overall planning by creating market development ideas and modes continuously, conducting in-depth surveys and researches into the investment market and leading member enterprises to expand and jointly develop the Cambodian market".

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