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Liouesso Hydropower Project Department invited to National Day Parade of the Republic of Congo
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On 15 August, 2015, Liouesso Hydropower Project Department of CGGC, as an outstanding representative of the local Chinese enterprises, was invited to the National Day Parade of the Republic of Congo on the 55th anniversary of independence.

Liouesso Hydropower Project Department invited to National Day Parade of the Republic of Congo

People in Ouesso, Provincial Capital of Sangha Provice, fired a solute and played the national anthem to celebrate the anniversary. President Denis Sassou-Nguesso and his wife, vital officials of all ministries, dignitaries, leaders of neighboring countries and many foreign diplomats attended the parade. CGGC’s Project Management Division organized a phalanx consisted of more than 200 Chinese and local employees in the uniform with the pattern of Liouesso Hydropower Station and logo of CGGC. They paraded vigorously in front of the podium for all leaders' review, waving national flags of China and Congo as well as CGGC's. They demonstrated good spirit of CGGC's employees CGGC’s image as a responsible enterprise persistent in incorporating and setting root in local communities. Their behavior made a contribution to further establishment of the CGGC brand image and consolidation of the traditional friendship between the two countries.

Liouesso Hydropower Station is about 85 km away from Ouesso where the parade was conducted, and the Project includes three 6.4 MW Francis turbo-generator units and two packages (power generation and power transmission) with a planned construction period of 4 years. The Project will meet power demand in the major northern cities of the Republic of Congo. In May 2015, President Denis Sassou-Nguesso was satisfied with the quality and progress of the Project, and expressed his thanks to CGGC during his field visit.

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