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Chinese Ambassador to Angola visits CGGC International
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On 20 August, 2015, Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of CGGC and Chairman & President of CGGC International, met Cui Aimin, Ambassador of China to Angola, at Beijing Head Office of CGGC International.

Chinese Ambassador to Angola visits CGGC International

Chen Xiaohua introduced the development process, comprehensive strength, investment and financing capacity and transnational business situation of CGGC over recent years, especially its business situation in Angola in detail to Ambassador Cui Aimin. Chen Xiaohua said that, since entering the Angolan market, CGGC had constructed Cabinda Emergency Port, Marcal Water Plant and many other infrastructure projects, contributing positively to the Angolan social and economic development and people's livelihood improvement. Currently, following the past achievements, CGGC is willing to take the newly signed project of Caculo Cabaça Hydropower Station as an opportunity to give full play to its excellent strength in the world hydropower construction field, bringing more benefits to Angola's national production and life.

Ambassador Cui Aimin expressed deep appreciation for CGGC’s comprehensive strength and international business achievements, and highly recognized the work that CGGC has done to promote Caculo Cabaça Hydropower Station into effect. Ambassador Cui Aimin said such a large-scale energy infrastructure project as Caculo Cabaça Hydropower Station was so significant to Angola's social and economic development, expecting the early start of the project in the hope of more benefits brought to Angolan people.

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