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Li Pingli Attends 2017 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting
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From November 8 to 10, 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting was held in Da Nang City in central Vietnam. Li Pingli, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy President of CGGC International, attended the meeting on behalf of CGGC, and witnessed the signing of contract for wind power project in Vietnam undertaken by CGGC.

Scene of the APEC Economic Leader's Meeting

As one of the most important activities of the industrial and commercial circles during APEC Summit, APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting is an important platform for communication between leaders of all the economies and the industrial and commercial circles, and is also the most influential activity of the industrial and commercial circles in Asia Pacific Region. 

During the meeting, Li Pingli met with leaders of many Vietnamese enterprises, introduced the overall strength and development of international businesses of CGGC in detail, especially the businesses in Vietnam, and had in-depth communication about the investment and construction in such fields as energy infrastructures and real estate, achieving substantial results. 

On November 10, Li Pingli had a communication with Duong Quang Thanh, Chairman of Electricity of Vietnam, and reached extensive consensus on cooperation in the investment and construction of power projects in Vietnam. She noted that CGGC attaches great importance to the investment and contracting businesses in Vietnam, and will further accelerate the layout of businesses in the fields of electricity and new energy in Vietnam, promote the localized operation, and assist the construction of the "Belt and Road" to better benefit the Vietnamese people.Duong Quang Thanh noted that CGGC and Electricity of Vietnam are large central electric power enterprises in China and Vietnam, and both parties enjoy broad and promising cooperation prospects in the field of electricity, and hoped that both parties could further enhance the practical cooperation.


  Li Pingli Meets with Duong Quang Thanh

On the same day, Li Pingli also met with Zhang Meilan, Chairman of Vietnam Wanshengfa Group, and had in-depth communication about the cooperation on real estate, port and other projects in Vietnam.Li Pingli noted that, in recent years, CGGC has vigorously promoted the dual-wheel driving of international engineering contracting and investment, and the investment businesses have become the important growth point of CGGC's international business. She further noted that CGGC is willing to establish extensive cooperation with Wanshengfa Group in the fields of investment and financing in Vietnam for mutual benefit.Zhang Meilan noted that, currently, Vietnam has stable politics and steadily and rapidly developed social economy, which brings Vietnam huge potential in investment and construction. As a large investment group, as well as a leading enterprise in the fields of catering, hotel and real estate in Vietnam, Wanshengfa Group is willing to further promote the investment cooperation with CGGC in this field.


Li Pingli Meets with Zhang Meilan, Chairman of Wanshengfa Group

On November 12, Li Pingli organized a work report meeting for Vietnam Office, and deployed the key points for development of Vietnamese market in the next step. She noted that, Vietnamese market enjoys great development potential, as the political and economic cooperation between China and Vietnam becomes increasingly close. As the pioneer for the development of overseas markets of CGGC, the Vietnam Office shall accurately seize the opportunity to make the market of Vietnam bigger and stronger, so as to achieve the in-depth exploration of and sustainable development in Vietnamese market.  Li Pingli encouraged all the employees to solid their confidence, unite as one, and work hard to put the work to a new stage with more positive and enthusiastic attitude so as to make more contributions to the new leap of CGGC's international businesses.


Work Report Meeting of Vietnam Office

On the same day, Li Pingli also attended relevant activities during the official visit of Xi Jinping, Chinese President and CPC General Secretary, to Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam on behalf CGGC, a member of central enterprises. 


Scene of the Welcome Ceremony

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