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Contract for Mambilla Hydropower Station in Nigeria Is Signed
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On November 10, 2017, the Joint Venture of "CGGC-Sinohydro-CGCOC" led by CGGC, one of the subsidiaries of CEEC, signed the Contract for "Mambilla Hydropower Station in Nigeria"  with Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power, Construction and Housing in Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria.The Contract Amount of the Project is USD 5.792 billion.CGGC renewed the record of the largest overseas hydropower station project of Chinese enterprise again following the Nestor Kirchner-Jorge Cepernic Hydro Project in Argentina.The successful signing of the contract is another key achievement made by CGGC in implementing the "Going Global" strategy and forming joint venture for overseas businesses, which will further deepen the strategic partnership between China and Indonesia and promote the construction of the "Belt and Road".
Scene of the Signing Ceremony

The Minister of Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power, Construction and Housing, the Owner, presided over the ceremony, and made a keynote speech. The Minister briefly reviewed the forty years of history of Nigeria in developing Mambilla Hydropower Station, and emphasized the significance of the Project to the power development and improvement of people's livelihood in Nigeria.He fully recognized the contractual ability of the joint venture led by CGGC, and noted that the contract signing lays a solid foundation for the implementation of the  Project.

Group Photo of the Owner, Consulting Engineers and Contractor Representatives

It is learnt that Mambilla Hydropower Station Project is located in Kakara Village of Taraba State, about 520km straightly in the southeast of Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria.  The Projects utilizes the topographic relief and large quantity of water from the Donga River for power generation and is installed with 12 impulse turbines. With a total installed capacity of 3050MW, it is hailed as the "Three Gorges" in Nigeria.   During construction, it is expected that the Project will directly employ about 5,000 to 8,000 local labors, cultivate 1,000 local engineering management and technical personnel, drive the development of local construction material manufacturing, product manufacturing, comprehensive service and other industries, and indirectly promote the employment of about 30,000 to 50,000 local labors.After completion, the Project is expected to offer 4.7 billion kWh of electricity annually, which will significantly ease the severe shortage of power in Nigeria and transfer Nigeria's advantage in water resources into energy advantages and impetus for economic development.Meanwhile, the reservoir of the Project is capable of annual regulation, providing reliable water supply for local agricultural irrigation and people's lives.As water is a kind of renewable energy, the environmental problems caused by consumption of non-renewable energy are effective avoided, and the benefits of energy-saving and emission reduction are significantly improved.Moreover, the Project will drive the development of local tourism industry, as well as the processing of teas from Mambilla Plateau.

  Rendering of Mambilla Hydropower Station

Mambilla Hydropower Station is jointly implemented by the Joint Venture of "CGGC-Sinohydro-CGCOC" funded by CGGC, Sinohydro and CGCOC at a share allocation ratio of 45%, 35% and 20% respectively, which is led by CGGC.  The successful signing of the  contract is an example of Chinese enterprises' joint practicing of "Going Global" strategy, transformation from "competition" to "cooperation" and "mutual benefit" based on "cooperation", which is of great significance for reducing the risks for Chinese enterprises in "going global", fully playing their leading roles in "going global", and improving the international competitiveness and influence of Chinese enterprises.

As the largest hydropower project in Nigeria, and even in Africa, the Project will significantly promote the "Three Networks and Industrialization" cooperation in transportation and infrastructure in Africa, and accelerate the strategic cooperation between China and Nigeria, attracting concerns from the top leaders of China and Nigeria. As the world's leading enterprise in hydropower construction, CGGC will take the Project as an opportunity, to sincerely cooperate with Sinohydro and CGCOC to fully play its advantages in technical management, create the world's excellent hydropower projects and help the Nigerians achieve their dream of accessing to electricity pursued for over half a century.

The signing ceremony attracted great attention from all sectors of society in Nigeria. Nigeria  Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Environment Minister, Water Resource Minister, governmental officials of Taraba State, and other governmental officials of Nigeria attended the ceremony. Nigeria Television Authority and many other local mainstream media broadcast the ceremony. 


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