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CGGC Conducts Market Surveys for South Asia and Northeast Asia
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From November 11 to 14, Lyu Zexiang, General Manager of CGGC International and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, led a survey group to visit Pakistan to conduct market surveys for South Asia and Northeast Asia. He also held a regional market survey analysis meeting in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, which lays a solid foundation for further exploration and sustainable development of the regional markets. Principals of overseas organizations of CGGC in this region, as well as the marketing heads of member companies also participated in the surveys.
  Photo of Regional Market Survey Analysis Meeting of South Asia and Northeast Asia
South Asia and Northeast Asia are important markets for the construction of the "Belt and Road" and International Capacity Cooperation, with extremely important strategic market position. So far, CGGC has many projects under construction in this region, with the contract amount of about USD 10 billion, which involves such fields as hydropower, thermal power and road. Facing the new opportunities and challenges brought by the "Going Global" strategy, it is of great significance to conduct comprehensive and in-depth surveys and top designs in South Asian and Northeast Asian markets to  give full play to the enterprise' core competitiveness and achieve the healthy and sustainable development in this region.

At the regional market analysis meeting, Lyu Zexiang listened to the report made by overseas branches, relevant marketing departments of CGGC International, as well as relevant member companies of CGGC on the development of markets within their respective scope.  Lyu Zexiang summarized the overall operation conditions of CGGC in South Asia and Northeast Asia, analyzed the new features and challenges of international engineering contracting, introduced the progress of reform and layout of CGGC's international businesses, and raised new requirements for the development of regional markets and management of projects under construction.Lyu Zexiang pointed out that it is necessary to proactively participate in the connectivity construction of infrastructures in South Asia and Northeast Asia, vigorously promote the overseas investment, as well as the development of rail transport, ports, industrial parks and other strategic markets, strengthen the integration of regional market resources, make innovation in talent cultivation mechanism, enhance the capacity building, solidly promote the in-depth exploration and rolling development of overseas markets, and achieve new breakthroughs in regional markets.

During the surveys, the delegation also organized a thematic analysis meeting for the market of Pakistan, listened to the report made by Pakistan Branch on the development of markets in Pakistan and the performance of projects in Pakistan under construction.  Lyu Zexiang noted that, in face of the new development stage of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, it is necessary to continue to make innovation in commercial models, proactively participate in the investment and development businesses in Pakistan, accelerate the development of Persified businesses, further consolidate and improve CGGC's position and brand image in Pakistan, further enhance the management of investment and projects under construction, complete the projects as scheduled, ensure the yield of investment, benefit Pakistan people, and inject momentum to the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Scene of the Market Survey Analysis Meeting in Pakistan
During the surveys, the delegation also visited the Planning and Development Minister of Pakistan, Chairman of WAPDA, had an in-depth communication with them about the investment and projects under construction of CGGC in Pakistan, and reached extensive consensus.The Minister and Chairman highly praised the remarkable contributions made by CGGC to the energy and infrastructure construction in Pakistan, showed warm welcome for CGGC's more extensive participation of the economic construction in Pakistan and the economic cooperation between China and Pakistan, and noted that they will offer great support therefor.
Lyu Zexiang Visits Planning and Development Minister of Pakistan
Meanwhile, the  delegation also visited Zhao Lijian, Commission of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, and Wang Zhihua, Counselor of Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office, reported the business status of CGGC in Pakistan, listened to relevant conditions on the investment and construction projects in Pakistan and suggestions for next step work introduced by the Embassy and Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office, and had an in-depth communication about the enhancement of overseas Party building of Chinese enterprises. 

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