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Chen Xiaohua Attends 2017 South-South Cooperation Financial Forum
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On December 13, 2017, the 2017 South-South Cooperation Financial Forum was held in Hong Kong, which was jointly organized by the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation, PBC School of Finance of Tsinghua University, and United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation. Chen Xiaohua, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of CGGC, President of CGGC International and Secretary of the Party Committee, and President of CGGC Overseas Investment and Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the Forum on behalf of CGGC upon invitation, and discussed with representatives of domestic and foreign governmental departments, financial institutes, international organizations and enterprises participating in the construction of the “Belt & Road”, as well as experts and scholars about the accommodation of funds and credit support for the construction of the “Belt & Road”, promoting the South-South Cooperation and the construction of the “Belt & Road” to a higher level.

Chen Xiaohua Gives a Keynote Speech

In the Forum, Chen Xiaohua gave a keynote speech titled "Enhance the Cooperation between Banks and Enterprises, and Share the New Opportunities of South-South Cooperation" on behalf of CGGC, discussed jointly with other participants about the international operation experience of CGGC and new thoughts for South-South Cooperation, and built new vision for South-South Cooperation in the new era.

Chen Xiaohua noted that, in recent years, CGGC has taken the lead to grasp the great historical opportunity of the “Belt & Road” and International Capacity Cooperation to seize the momentum and make innovation, and has achieved the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of international businesses. Over the past decade, CGGC has witnessed sustainable and rapid growth in international businesses, and the compounded annual growth rates of international contracting amount, revenues and profits have all kept above 20%, with the growth of operating indicators much higher than the industry average level. CGGC has rapidly promoted its globalization, and set up 99 overseas branches throughout five continents, with its businesses distributed in 142 countries and regions worldwide, covering over 10 sectors including electricity, transportation, building, municipal works and new energy. Meanwhile, CGGC has accelerated the transformation and upgrade of its business models, established the overseas investment company to reinforce its capacity in overseas investment and acquisition, and acquired the equity of China Overseas Infrastructure Development and Investment Corporation Limited and Phase II of China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund, and built TMCC, an international high-end enterprise think-tank. With comprehensive and international resources, CGGC has achieved the globalization of equipment and material purchasing, international allocation of management personnel and localization of labor use. Furthermore, CGGC has put its public relation to a higher level, and has established extensive connection with domestic and international governments, competent ministries and commissions, industrial associations, financial institutes, embassies of over 100 countries in China, and Chinese embassies and consulates in overseas countries.  Now, CGGC has become a "name card" of China with global influence, and is hailed as a pioneer in PPP, environmental protection businesses and the “Belt & Road” by the capital market and industry.

Strictly implementing the "Going Global" Strategy, CGGC not only witnesses, but also proactively participates in the South-South Cooperation. As for South-South Cooperation and Bank-Enterprise Cooperation, Chen Xiaohua noted that the core for maintaining the fundamental interests of developing countries is to further enhance the financial connectivity under South-South Cooperation and Bank-Enterprise Cooperation. As an important part for the construction of the “Belt & Road”, South-South Cooperation will develop in a higher and deeper level, and extend to more fields with the fast advancement of the “Belt & Road”.

Chen Xiaohua emphasized that the integrated and innovative development of enterprises and financial institutes is the new driving force for the continuous development of South-South Cooperation in the future, and that the establishment of a comprehensive, whole-process and linked risk prevention mechanism for enterprises and financial and insurance agencies is of great significance for the sustainable development of South-South Cooperation. He also noted that, in participating in South-South Cooperation, the enterprises and financial institutes shall attach equal importance to "bringing in" and "going global", fully utilize two kinds of resources from two markets, serve the country, and accelerate the formation of a new pattern of all-round opening.

Chen Xiaohua noted that, as a transnational group with global competitiveness and one of the most competitive listed companies in China, CGGC will continue to uphold the development concept of "Innovation, Collaboration, Green, Open and Sharing", comprehensively enhance the strategic cooperation with governmental departments, enterprises and financial institutes, fully leverage the leading advantages in such fields as contracting, overseas investment, management consulting, technical R&D and investment & financing, and explore the new concepts, thoughts and modes for the Bank-Enterprise Cooperation and Integration of Industry and Finance in the new era relying on its global layout, making more contributions to the promotion of South-South Cooperation and the establishment of a “human destiny community”.


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