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#2 Unit of Yazagyo Hydropower Project in Myanmar Passes 72h Trial Operation
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On October 8, 2018, #2 Unit of Yazagyo Hydropower Project in Myanmar, with CGGC as its general E&M contractor, successfully completed its 72h trial operation. So far, all the tests of the Project have been completed, thus the Project satisfies the conditions for all-round production.


Units of Yazagyo Hydropower Project


Spillway of Yazagyo Hydropower Project

Located on the Neyinzaya River in Sagaing Province in northwestern Myanmar and about 50km to Kalay Town, the Yazagyo Hydropower Project mainly comprises such structures as dam, auxiliary dam, spillways, water intakes, penstocks, powerhouse, tailraces and switchyard. The scope of contract mainly involves the design of water intakes and powerhouse tailraces, as well as the provision, installation, commissioning and trial operation of permanent E&M equipment. Its owner is the Irrigation Pision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Myanmar.

As an important part of the power grid in western Myanmar, the Project will effectively satisfy the demands for irrigation and power generation in the Kabaw Valley Area after it is transferred for commercial operation, thus dramatically improving local social and economic development level. The then Myanmar President Thein Sein, who visited the project site twice for field investigation, fully affirmed the work of CGGC in terms of contract performance, construction progress, construction quality and site management, and offered flower baskets to CGGC on behalf of the Government of Myanmar.

To ensure smooth final commissioning and trial operation, the Project Department made every effort to tackle all difficulties, pulled together to solve such problems as excessive temperature of thrust pad, and effectively satisfied the contractual and Owner’s requirements on final commissioning and trial operation through technological transformation of oil cooling systems.

As a traditional market of CGGC, Myanmar is also an important country along the “Belt and Road”. Among one of the early batches of Chinese enterprises setting foot in Myanmar, CGGC has always extensively participated in hydropower, power transmission and transformation and other energy infrastructure construction projects in Myanmar, and has created many excellent livelihood projects for Myanmar people, including Yeywa Hydropower Station and Minda Hydropower Station. In the meantime, CGGC has proactively integrated into local society, extensively participated in local medical, healthcare and other public welfare undertakings, winning unanimous praise from local government and people, and playing a demonstration role in further expanding markets in Myanmar and even the whole Southeast Asia.

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