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Indonesia Takalar CFSPP undertaken by CGGC Puts into Operation in Advance
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At the beginning of 2018, the Indonesia Takalar CFSPP Project, with CGGC (affiliated to CEEC) as the EPC contractor, was successfully completed and put into commercial operation 14 days ahead of the contract duration. Before that, the No.1 Unit has been handed over for commercial operation on December 19, 2017, and the No.2 Unit has passed the 30 days stability run and the performance assessment and test on February 14, 2018 with high-quality. The Takalar CFSPP Project is a modern power plant manufactured by China by applying international standards, and its successful completion marks one more significant achievement made by CGGC in the field of thermal power generation in countries along the “Belt and Road”.
Successful 30 Days Stability Run of No. 2 Unit of Takalar CFSPP

Successful Performance Test of No. 1 Unit of Takalar CFSPP

Since the Project was commenced in May 2015, the Project Team has optimized the working procedures, dynamically adjusted resources, perfected various special measures and emergency plans despite of numerous negative factors such as delayed land acquisition, frequent grid faults, untimely fuel supply, complex weather conditions, and has successfully achieved the goal of zero safety accident, and made great achievement that both units were put into operation ahead of schedule. In August 2015, the preliminary design result was approved. In December 2015, the first batch of permanent equipment was mobilized. In August 2016, the safety milestone of “zero safety accident for a million man-hours” was achieved. In 2017, such milestone nodes as energization, manufacturing of qualified demineralized water and commercial operation of Unit 1 were achieved successively, and CGGC received the written praise from the Owner for multiple times. In December 2017, the Project won the “Best Contract Performance Award 2017” granted by the Owner PLN.

Panorama of the Project 

Mr. HENING, General Manager of the Owner in Sulawesi Selatan, noted that the Project is the first project among all the projects of PLN commenced in the same period that has been completed and put into operation, and is also the best project undertaken by Chinese enterprise in Indonesia in recent years, which is of great significance for the establishment of good image of Chinese enterprises and enhancement of cooperation between enterprises. Meanwhile, as an inter-governmental concessional loan and preferential export buyer’s credit project, it plays an active demonstration role in continuously deepening the cooperation between Chinese and Indonesian governments.

DIMAS, the operation principal of the Owner, noted that the successful stability run of No. 2 Unit with excellent test performance indices once again demonstrates the powerful strength of Chinese enterprise. Two units have accumulatively generated 247,000,000 kWh during test run and operation. The power plant was put into operation ahead of schedule with efficient and stable performance, making them core units in the regional grid and playing a key role in maintaining the safety and stability of regional grid in Indonesia.

In the whole construction cycle, CGGC always adhered to the logical concept of “giving priority to planning, establishing forecasting and warning mechanism, comprehensively mastering the progress, and making clear all the links”. As the EPC contractor of the Project, CGGC gave full play to its advantages in whole process management, organized all the participants for sincere collaboration, took the lead to fully leverage the capacities of Anhui No.1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., Anhui Electric Power Design Institute, Northwest Power Construction Supervision Ltd. in construction and design, and created a good atmosphere featured by mutual complementary and promotion. The successful operation of the Project once again shows the world Chinese enterprise’s speed and quality in construction projects, establishes good image of Chinese enterprises, promotes the pragmatic cooperation between Indonesia and China to a higher, wider and deeper level, and makes contributions to the “Belt and Road” construction.


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