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Li Pingli Leads A Delegation to Attend the 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum
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From June 7 to 8, Li Pingli, Vice Chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CGGC International, led a delegation to attend the 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum held in Macao, and gathered with over 55 guests over the ministerial level from 66 countries and regions around the world, more than 30 senior executives from financial institutions, representatives of more than 110 ENR250 international contractors, 79 Fortune 500 enterprises and more than 20 international organizations to discuss how to promote the conversion of the old and new kinetic energy and accelerate the infrastructure construction and connectivity under the context of “Belt and Road” Initiative with the theme of “fostering new kinetic energy for development and promoting infrastructure construction and connectivity”.

Scene of the Opening Ceremony


  Li Pingli Meets with Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water Resources of Morocco

During the Forum, Li Pingli had a talk with Abdelkader Aamara, Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water Resources of Morocco, and reached broad consensus on continuously deepening both parties’ pragmatic cooperation. Li Pingli noted that CGGC has always attached great importance to the Moroccan market. In recent years, CGGC has continuously increased its investment in resources in the Moroccan market, and has established extensive and close cooperative relations with relevant authorities and trade owners of the Moroccan government on the basis of these projects. CGGC is willing to give full play to its core expertise, maintain close communication and pragmatic cooperation with the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water Resources of Morocco, and jointly promote relevant strategic projects to achieve positive progress. Minister Aamara noted that the Moroccan government supports such powerful Chinese enterprises as CGGC to extensively and deeply participate in the economic construction and investment in Morocco. In addition, Li Pingli also participated in such meetings as “Development and Financing African Infrastructure under the Context of Belt and Road” and “Financing Risk Control of International Infrastructure Projects” and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges with leaders of enterprises such as Caterpillar, China State Construction, CCCC, CAMC, CGCOC, Huawei and FOTON.

At the reception dinner and award ceremony held on the evening of July 7, CGGC was awarded the honorary title of “2018 China International Contracting Social Responsibility Performance Evaluation Advanced Enterprise” by China International Contractors Association. Chen Xiaohua, Deputy General Manager of CGGC, President of CGGC International and CGGC Overseas Investment, was awarded the honorary title of “2018 Excellence in International Contracting” by China International Contractors Association. Li Pingli received the award on behalf of CGGC.


  Scene of Presentation of “2018 CSR Advanced Enterprise”


 “2018 Excellence in International Contracting” Certificate

China International Contracting Social Responsibility Performance Evaluation is organized by China International Contractors Association every three years, and its result is valid within three years. The evaluation results will serve as an important reference for China International Contractors Association to recommend partners for enterprises and foreign owners, and it has become a business card for enterprises to enhance their external image and expand their businesses. This award is of great significance for CGGC to establish its image of a responsible international contractor and continuously enhance its influence in the industry.


Scene of Presentation of “2018 Excellence in International Contracting”


 “2018 Excellence in International Contracting” Certificate and Medal

“2018 Excellence in International Contracting” is organized by China International Contractors Association in a bid to carry forward the outstanding deeds of the advanced people in the industry and play the role of demonstration and driving, thereby creating a famous Chinese brands, telling Chinese stories, conveying Chinese voices and promoting closer international economic cooperation.


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