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CGGC Wins Great Praise for Assisting in Vigorous Development of Ecuador, A Nation of the Equator
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Located in South America, Ecuador is renowned as the Nation of Equator and is also an important node of Belt and Road in Latin America.

Recently, CGGC received the commendatory letter from the owner in Ecuador, which highly recognizes the superior quality of Yachay Knowledge City and Mirador Copper Mine undertaken by CGGC and extensively praises CGGC’s efficient management and outstanding contractual performance capacity.

Commendatory Letter from the Owner

Highlight 1: Yachay Knowledge City

Undertaken by CGGC, Yachay Knowledge City is a smart city that leads the future development of Ecuador located in San Miguel City, Imbabura Province that is over 120km from Quito, the Capital City of Ecuador.

The word “Yachay” means “knowledge” or “wisdom” in Indian Quechua. Yachay Knowledge City Project is a smart city project put forward by Ecuador in 2012, which has been included in Ecuador’s national development plan. Covering 44 square kilometers, the Project is aimed to to build a number of public scientific research centers and university cities that integrate industrial parks, agricultural production areas, tourism development zones and residential areas to make it the first “knowledge city” in Ecuador. With the construction duration of 28 months, the Phase I Project of the Yachay Knowledge City Project contracted by CGGC mainly involves construction of such facilities as urban water supply and drainage system, teaching center, medical center, library, data center, technical college, kindergarten, as well as the provision of corresponding test and computer equipment.

Advanced technologies showcase outstanding strength

On August 16, 2019, CGGC and the owner signed the final acceptance document for G2 group of city equipment in Yachay Knowledge City. So far, seven individual projects of G2 group of city equipment have all passed the final acceptance. Among them, 1-5 teaching experimental equipment have been put into use, the 6th video surveillance system now works well within Yachay Knowledge City for security monitoring, and the 7th IBM supercomputer also plays its vital role in the smart-oriented construction of Yachay Knowledge City.

IBM supercomputer, “brain” of the Knowledge City

Being the first of its kind in Ecuador and second in South America, IBM supercomputer supplied and installed by CGGC comprises the computing systems (processors, computing nodes, acceleration system, management nodes and landing nodes), storage system, network system, video switching system, cluster monitoring and job scheduling systems, etc. Currently, it mainly provides cloud computing and data storage services for governmental departments, universities and large enterprises in Ecuador.

Video surveillance system, “eyes” of the Knowledge City

The video surveillance system of Yachay Knowledge City is designed in accordance with the principle of unified planning and distributed layout. Each monomer building of Yachay Knowledge City has designed with an independent video surveillance system. Each of them is independent of each other and monitors the main internal channels of the monomer building. The video surveillance system deployed by CGGC is mainly used for monitoring the main roads and entrances and exits of the monomer building in the city and complements each monomer building’s original video surveillance systems, thus achieving three-dimensional and all-round monitoring.

Today, the Yachay Knowledge City, the so-called Silicon Valley in South America has begun to take shape as the contractual performance capacity of CGGC increases. Here, the largest 3D printer laboratory in Ecuador is open to all researchers and local handicraft practitioners, supporting the integration and transformation of traditional handicraft workshops and new technologies. The Industrial Incubation Park has received thousands of young entrepreneurs without enough start-up funds. Yachay Knowledge City has provided them with a platform for business exchange and temporary office space. All these demonstrate that Yachay Knowledge City is now playing an increasingly important role …

Highlight 2: Mirador Copper Mine

Recently, the Mirador Copper Mine built by CGGC was put into production. As the first large solid mine development project in Ecuador, the mine is listed as one of Ecuador’s national strategic projects and achieves the mineral separation capacity of 20 million tons and copper production capacity of 96,000 tons annually, thus making Ecuador an industrial-scale mineral exporter. In the meantime, it is also a useful attempt for the development and cooperation of energy resources between China and Ecuador. CGGC has undertaken a great number of works including construction of the permanent camp of the Mirador Copper Mine, treatment of No. 3 high slope, 230 kV substation and starter dam of tailings pond. Since the start of construction, the Project Department has pushed forward the Project in high quality and standards, rationally allocated resources, strictly controlled construction technologies, taken environmental protection measures, and strengthened safety management. Thanks to all these effort, the Project Department has outperformed its node tasks. All the 6 works undertaken by CGGC received the commendatory letter and great recognition and praise from the owner for good performance progress and superior quality.

Quimi Accident Pond, unique in Mirador Copper Mine Area

Quimi Accident Pond is a tailing pond used in the trial production and later pipeline maintenance of Mirador Copper Mine. It is the key to realize the production of the mine, and gets its name as it is also used as the backup pond in case of pipeline leakage, blockage and other accidents during operation in later stage.

As it is located in tropical zone with dense and concentrated rain throughout the year, the water content of soil and stone required for filling the Quimi Accident Pond is relatively high in case of dense rainy weather and abundant groundwater, which directly affects the compaction degree and overall construction quality of the accident pond. Considering this, the Project Department boldly made innovation in technologies, enhanced quality source control, i.e. applying the mixture of natural sandstone materials and silty clay in pond area, strictly controlled the quality process, reduced the pavement depth and increased the rolling frequency, thus not only procuring enough materials, but also expanding the pond capacity.

Localized management for mutual benefits and people-to-people bond

CGGC makes every effort to seek cooperation with local companies. The Project Department has always adhered to the localized management, which is evidenced by its high ratio of Chinese and local employees of 1:4. Local employees were invited to participate in mine construction as miners, further increasing their income and improving their living standard. In the meantime, the Project Department also cultivated over 500 local equipment operators, bar setters, woodworkers, concrete workers and other technicians, and created 800 jobs locally. As a local environmental protection engineer, JOSE RICARDO gave full play to local and professional advantages and devoted himself to the Project, mastering all environmental protection knowledge. Thanks to the great support from local employees like JOSE RICARDO, the Project Department satisfied all stringent local environmental protection standards in Ecuador.

The Project Department also paid great attention to and supported local employees in terms of food, accommodation, working hours and entertainment considering the employment standards, living habits and other aspects in Ecuador. The Project Department also built a beach volleyball court to enrich their spare-time life and enhance the cultural exchange between the Chinese and foreign employees as local people like playing beach volleyball. The successful progress of the Project attributes to the harmonious working environment we created and excellent foreign teams we formed.

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