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Projects under Construction | Thwake Dam in Kenya Wins Great Praise for Excellent Image
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On October 9, a delegation of the African Development Bank inspected the Thwake Dam Project undertaken by CGGC in the company of officials of local government, and the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation. The delegation highly praised the Project for its excellent image in duly fulfilling its contractual obligations.

Delegation of African Development Bank Inspects the Construction Site

The delegation inspected the diversion tunnel and spillway area of the Project, especially the construction progress of the Project, as well as working and living conditions of local employees, and debriefed on the reports of the owner and director on the construction progress. Mr. Nancy Ogal, Head of the delegation, highly appreciated CGGC’s excellent project performance and humanistic care. He hoped that the owner and local government could leverage full support to the project construction, and that CGGC could continue to overcome difficulties and bear responsibilities, efficiently promote the contractual performance, and proactively integrate into the local society to benefit local residents.

Excavation of Spillway

Prior to this, a delegation led by Mr. Cyrus Oguna, Spokesman of Kenyan Government, also inspected the Project Department of the Thwake Dam Project, and accepted interviews by many media on the site, including KUTV. On September 27th, the evening news of KUTV, one of the most influential TV stations in Kenya, covered this activity for nearly two minutes. The report detailed the progress of the Project and its social significance and conveyed Kenyan Government’s great recognition to CGGC, dramatically improving the reputation of CGGC locally.

Coverage by Local Media

At present, the project team has overcome difficulties and paid close attention to project management, with 28% of the overall schedule achieved, satisfying the requirements on project progress. The Project Department has engaged 92 Chinese employees and more than 1,100 local employees, with a Chinese to local employee ratio exceeding 1:12. In addition to offering a great number of jobs and accelerating local economic development, CGGC has also cultivated batches of technical backbones for Kenya and further deepened the friendship between both countries by continuously improving the working and living environment of local employees, establishing and perfecting local employee training system.

Mixing Station of the Thwake Dam Project

No. 1 Bridge of the Thwake Dam Project

Funded by the African Development Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Kenya, the Thwake Dam Project is currently the largest monomer infrastructure project in Kenya that is under construction. Measuring 80.5m in height and 1.5km in length, the dam is planned to be completed in 2022. After completion, it will bring huge economic benefits to the water supply, power generation and agricultural irrigation in Kitui, Makuani and Machakos in southeast Kenya.

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