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First Blasting of the Permanent Road on Right Bank of Mohmand Hydropower Project Succeeded
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Blasting Site

 All Parties Witness the First Blasting

At 12 o'clock on October 25, the first blasting of the permanent road on the right bank of the Mohmand Hydropower Project succeeded with a loud crash, under the witness of engineers of the Project Department and owner.

Located in the tribal area at the border of Afghanistan, the Mohmand Hydropower Project suffered faces tough security problems in early stage, which delays the blasting, thus in turn seriously affecting the project progress. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the Project Department, the security environment was greatly improved after rounds of consultation with the owner and FC. As a result, the Project Department completed the blasting successfully despite of harsh environment.

So far, all works are progress in good order, and all temporary infrastructure works have been basically completed. The owner’s camps, permanent roads, diversion tunnels and other working faces are also being pushed forward in an orderly manner. The successful blasting has greatly motivated the personnel. All the personnel of the Project Department will unite as one and complete the project satisfactorily via scientific organization and meticulous construction.

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