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1000MW! CGGC Wins Bid for Overseas New Energy Project with the Largest Single Capacity
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On November 14, local time, CGGC International won the bid for Sudair 1000MW PV Power Generation EPC Project in Saudi Arabia. It is an important result of CGGC in practicing the "Belt and Road" initiative and international capacity cooperation, promoting the third-party market cooperation with multinational enterprises and advancing global energy structural transformation and sustainable development. Chen Xiaohua, Party Secretary and Chairman of CGGC, and Mohammed Abunayyan, Chairman of the Board of ACWA Power, attended the bid awarding ceremony.

Scene of Bid Awarding

The project is located in Sudair Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, 150 kilometers away from the northwest of the capital city of Riyadh, with the main content including the design, procurement, construction, debugging and trial running of the 1090 MW PV power plant.

Rendering of PV Power Generation Project in Saudi Arabia

According to the statistics of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, this project is the new energy EPC project with the largest single capacity obtained by Chinese enterprises overseas. The invertors of the project are ACWA Power and PIF. CGGC will undertake the project construction as a leader of the EPC project, together with superior enterprises of international engineering construction with rich experience in the market of Saudi Arabia. This is a cooperative project between Chinese and multinational enterprises which involves people's livelihood. These enterprises will give full play to their comprehensive advantages in engineering technology, construction, management and investment to develop major countries along the "Belt and Road" jointly, and practice the great idea of "accelerating the building of a community with a shared future for mankind" put forward by President Xi Jinping with concrete actions.

A Group Photo of Chen Xiaohua and Board Chairman of ACWA Power

According to the IEA's Annual Report on Global Renewable Energy released in October 2019, the power generation capacity of global renewable energy is expected to increase by about 50% in five years; the installed capacity for power generation is expected to see an increase of 1200MW, of which the installed capacity for solar power generation accounts for 60%. The development of renewable energy sources including solar energy is the only way to the promotion of global energy structural transformation and sustainable development, and an important direction for China's energy enterprises "going abroad" to promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading.

As a leading enterprise of the "Belt and Road" initiative, CGGC has actively practiced the idea of green development and speeded up efforts to promote new energy business to "go abroad". CGGC International, a platform for international business development of the group, has taken lead in establishing the International Investment Alliance for Renewable Energy, the first alliance covering the whole life cycle of investment, construction and operation of overseas new energy projects in China, according to the requirements of high-quality development, and built a "four-in-one" integrated development platform of information sharing, market development, technical support and investment cooperation for overseas new energy projects. Though the alliance has been established for only one year, the installed capacity of new energy projects it signed and awarded has reached more than 2000MW. It has signed agreements for a group of major projects including the MINOS Concentrated Solar Power Project in Greece.

Saudi Arabia is an energy superpower in the world and a key pivot country along the "Belt and Road". The "Vision 2030" made by the Saudi Arabia government including vigorous development of new energy and promotion of strategic transformation of energy has provided a broad development platform for Chinese new energy enterprises' "going abroad" strategy.

The successful winning of the bid for the Sudair 1000MW PV Power Generation Project in Saudi Arabia marks another successful practice of CGGC in integrating superior resources in the whole industry chain of new energy in China, promoting high alignment between the "Belt and Road" initiative and Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030", and driving China's new energy technologies, products and comprehensive services to "go global". This project will optimize Saudi Arabia's energy structure effectively, protect local eco-environment and bring benefits to local people.

Feng Bo, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of CGGC, Xu Gang, Office Director, Lyu Zexiang, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of CGGC International, Chen Xiangdong, Deputy General Manager, and related personnel from the International Department V and International Department IV and Dubai Branch attended the above event.

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