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CGGC Is Invited to Attend "China Night" Cultural Promotion Event by the Embassy of China in Kuwait
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On the evening of November 22, local time, the "China Night" cultural promotion event was held by the Embassy of China in the State of Kuwait on Green Island, Kuwait. The event attracted about 1,000 participants including people from all walks of life in Kuwait, personnel of other countries' embassies in Kuwait and overseas Chinese. CGGC was invited to attend the event. It was mainly responsible for making preparations for the exhibition area of "Chinese Food", actively participating in artistic performance and fully assisting the Embassy to hold the event well.

CGGC's Young Employees Participating in Artistic Performance

Li Minggang, Ambassador of China to Kuwait, made a speech at the beginning of the event. He said, we hold this event in cooperation with the Chinese community in Kuwait to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Kuwait, and to strengthen the people-to-people ties between China and Kuwait and help more Kuwaiti people know better about the Chinese culture. CGGC's young female employees brought the audience on site a passionate cha-cha dance "Havana". Behind the scene, CGGC staff and other workers stuck to their posts in the chilly wind, assisting the Embassy to maintain order and ensuring smooth implementation of the event.

Chefs of CGGC Made Chinese Food for Chinese and Foreign Guests

The "China Night" event includes four parts: "Exhibition of Chinese Culture", "Photo Show of Chinese Enterprises", "Chinese Food" and "Song and Dance Party". Food is the first necessity for the people. The exhibition area of "Chinese Food" was bustling. Traditional Chinese food such as hand-pulled noodles, hot-and-dry noodles, Chinese hamburger, roast duck and steamed vermicelli roll attracted a lot of domestic and foreign guests. Wang Hai, who made hot-and-dry noodles for visitors on site in the exhibition area of "Chinese Food", is one of the invited chefs from CGGC. "We bring visitors hot-and-dry noodles with a distinctive flavor of Hubei. Even foreign friends show us a thumbs-up for our noodles. I feel very proud!" Additionally, CGGC's chefs also brought delicate pastries and deserts with vivid appearance and delicious taste such as "potato bread" and "apple bread". Chefs from Chinese enterprises including CGGC showed rich and profound Chinese food culture to foreign guests with their superb cooking skills.

Domestic and Foreign Guests Watched the Display Board of CGGC

The event also showed Chinese characteristic culture, such as Chinese painting and calligraphy, tea ceremony, paper cutting and acupuncture. The "Photo Show of Chinese Enterprises" showed Chinese enterprises' cooperation achievements in infrastructure, communication technology, finance and other fields in Kuwait. In front of the display board of CGGC, domestic and foreign guests spoke highly of the "Pillars of a Great Power". Mohammed, a student of the University of Kuwait, said, "We live in a country of deserts. There is no chance for us to see spectacular rivers like the Yangtze River. If I have a chance, I will certainly visit Gezhouba Dam in China!"

The cooperation between China and Kuwait has moved into the fast lane under the framework of the "Belt and Road" Initiative. Now the ties between both countries are at their best time in history. The "China Night" cultural promotion event held by the Embassy has built a bridge for China and Kuwait, and opened a window to display China to the world. CGGC will continue to participate in related activities of the Embassy in Kuwait and assist it in carrying out such activities, make efforts in promotion and cultural exchanges of Chinese enterprises in Kuwait and strive to build a good brand image.

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