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CGGC Wins the Bid for Upgrading of the Railway line between Walvis Bay and Kranzberg
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On December 9, CGGC received the Letter of Acceptance from the Ministry of Works and Transport regarding Upgrading of the Railway line between Walvis Bay and Kranzberg: Works Package C001: Walvis Bay - Arandis in Namibia. This is another important achievement of CGGC in carrying out professional transformation of construction enterprises and promoting "going global" of specialized enterprises. It also represents a new breakthrough made by CGGC in the great transport market in Namibia after the upgrading and transformation of Northern highways.

Project location map

Hage Gottfried Geingob, the third and current president of Namibia, launched the HARAMBEE PROSPERITY PLAN (HPP) as the priority of his administration for 2016-2020, focusing on achieving economic prosperity and addressing other issues. At present, the outdated railway facilities and unbalanced sea and land transport restrict the socio-economic development of Namibia. Therefore, highway, railway, sea and air transportation are listed as the priorities for development, supporting transportation construction as a key part of the HPP.

The project is a prioritized one for development listed in the HPP by the Government of Namibia, aiming to develop Namibia into a transport and logistics hub in southern Africa and to enable its rail transport to meet the needs of Southern African Development Community. The project includes the repair and upgrade of a 100.2-km existing railway line (civil engineering, railway ballast and track engineering, etc.) and construction of relevant supporting facilities, so as to further improve the transportation capacity and speed of the line. As the main trunk line connecting the Walvis Bay Port, the project will upon its completion significantly enhance the transportation capacity of the inland cities and Walvis Bay Port, the largest port between Botswana border and Namibia, promote cross-border trade facilitation and drive economic development along the line. The project is funded by the self-owned funds from the African Development Bank and the employer.

In recent years, CGGC has extensively participated in the construction of major transportation projects such as highways, railways, bridges and tunnels in China through PPP, holding investment and other modes. Many of its high-quality engineering projects have won the best awards in the field of civil engineering construction in China, including the Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize and many other honorary titles. CGGC has vigorously promoted its transport business to "go global", and has completed and built 30 road and bridge projects overseas, covering 15 countries and regions, including Peru and Pakistan.

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