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Delegation led by Guo Guangwen Inspects CC/LB Hydropower Project in Argentina
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From March 16 to 19, Guo Guangwen, Chief Engineer of CGGC, and Liu Huailiang, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CGGC International, visited the CC/LB Hydropower Project in Argentina for inspection in the company of principals of the Project Department.

Site Investigation

The delegation inspected the construction sites of CC/LB Hydropower Projects successively. In CC Hydropower Station, the inspection group made a detailed investigation on the geological conditions of diversion works on the right bank, spillway on the left bank and excavation sites, and had in-depth study on the adjustment of the design scheme. In LB Hydropower Station, the inspection group inspected the construction sites of powerhouse excavation works, dam filling, screening and mixing system installation, and communicated with Chinese and Argentinean technicians on the site. The inspection group then put forward guiding opinions on powerhouse excavation and slope support schemes, with the focus placed on construction safety and quality.

On-site Work Briefing

At the on-site work briefing meeting, Guo Guangwen pointed out that the CC/LB Hydropower Project is not only the largest hydropower project in Argentina, but also the largest energy cooperation project between China and Argentina, which plays an important role in promoting local economic development, improving local people’s livelihood and further enhancing the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. Guo Guangwen further emphasized that frequent sandstorms and low temperatures on the site pose severe challenges to the Project in terms of construction quality and safety. He hoped the Project Department could prepare feasible construction plan for safe and controllable construction, improve the awareness of environmental protection, properly protect the environment in strict accordance with local laws and regulations, attach great importance to clean and honest construction of the Project Department, and strictly follow all applicable laws and regulations, thus accelerating the sustainable development of CGGC in in Argentina.

Liu Huailiang stressed that all personnel of the Project Department shall earnestly put in place the guiding principles proposed at the meeting, properly summarize the management processes, implement various management measures, control the work progress and join hands with Argentinean employees to tackle all difficulties for the smooth implementation of the Project.

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