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Delegation Led by SASAC Inspection Team Leader Du Yuanquan Inspects Yachay City of Knowledge in Ecuador
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On March 21 local time, the delegation led by Du Yuanquan, Leader of SASAC Inspection Team, visited the Yachay City of Knowledge in Ecuador undertaken by CGGC to inspect the overseas Party building and complaint operation of central enterprises. He emphasized that we should thoroughly study and understand the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches, stably advance the “going global” strategy, make innovation in overseas Party building, strengthen the overseas operation and assets management in accordance with the overall arrangement of SASAC, operate in strict accordance with laws and regulations, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities and missions of central enterprises, and deepen the implementation and practicing of the Belt and Road Initiative. Li Pingli, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy President of CGGC International, was also present.

Site Investigation

The delegation drove for three hours to the Yachay City of Knowledge that is reputed as the “Silicon Valley” in South America to inspect the construction status, and debriefed on the work report by CGGC’s representative office in Ecuador.

Du Yuanquan fully affirmed the remarkable achievements made by CGGC in overseas grass-roots Party building, enterprise management and project performance in Ecuador, and congratulated CGGC International on winning “Benchmark for Advanced Grass-roots Party Organizations in Central Enterprises”. He pointed out that strengthening the overseas Party building and continuously improving the level of compliance management are not only the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, but also the necessary measures for central enterprises that practice the “going global” strategy to achieve high-quality development. The Overseas Projects Department of CGGC has done a solid job in overseas grass-roots Party building, and has truly integrated the Party building with the production and operation. He hoped CGGC could continue to promote the overseas Party building, strengthen the prevention and control of overseas operational risks, ensure the safety of state-owned assets, and promote the steady and far-reaching construction of the Belt and Road.

Li Pingli extended sincere gratitude to Du Yuanquan for his affirmation of CGGC International’s overseas Party building and operation, and noted that 2019 is “the year for the promotion of Party building at the grass-roots level in central enterprises” and is also the year for the compliance management of CGGC. Energy China and CGGC have put forward new requirements and arrangements for overseas grass-roots Party building and high-quality development of international business. Ecuador is CGGC’s key regional market in South America. Strengthening the grass-roots Party building in an all-round way, promoting the efficient implementation of projects and compliance management of enterprises are important guarantees for deep cultivation of CGGC’s regional markets in Ecuador, and even South America. Party organizations at all levels of CGGC International will continue to integrate the Party building into overseas market development and enterprise management in accordance with the requirements of “strengthening in one aspect, promoting in two aspects and guaranteeing in three aspects” set forth by Secretary Hao Peng of SASAC during his visit to South America. CGGC will place focus on practical implementation of these guiding principles, comprehensively strengthen the construction of risk prevention and control system, and ensure the safety of overseas state-owned assets, safety of overseas employees’ life and properties, as well as the clean hands of leading officials in overseas market.

Group Photo

During this period, Li Pingli also organized a forum for CGGC’s young employees in Ecuador, debriefed their opinions and suggestions on overseas work and life, and encouraged them to stay true to their posts, proactively fulfill responsibilities and forge ahead to make more contributions to the development of market in Ecuador.

Among other attendees were Gao Yijun, Deputy General Manager of CGGC No.2 Engineering Co., Ltd., and principals of International Department I, Financing Department, Ecuador Branch of CGGC International, and project departments of CGGC in Ecuador.

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