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Liu Huailiang Presents Party Lecture for Grass-roots Party Organizations
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On March 22, Liu Huailiang, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CGGC International, presented a special party lecture on construction of party work style and compliance management in Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina, demanding all party organizations to strengthen the style construction in an all-round way, realize the deep integration of party building with production and management, and  promote the high-quality development of CGGC International’s international businesses. Party members and officials from the Argentine Branch and the Project Department of Santa Cruz Kunla Hydropower Station attended the lecture.

Special Party Lecture

Liu Huailiang thoroughly interpreted relevant regulations of the Central Government, SASAC, Energy China and CGGC on strengthening the party style construction, and systematically analyzed CGGC International’s experience and practices of rapid, healthy and sustainable development of international businesses.

Liu Huailiang emphasized that Argentina is CGGC’s key market in South America, and the CC/LB Hydropower Station Project in Santa Cruz in Argentina is the largest energy cooperation project between the two countries. Strengthening the party style construction and promoting the operation in accordance with laws and regulations are important guarantees for deep cultivation of the Argentine market and efficient implementation of various projects. The overseas grass-roots party organizations and all party members of CGGC International should integrate the party style construction into all aspects of overseas operations from a political perspective, strictly follow local laws and regulations, create a clean and compliant corporate culture, strengthen the construction of a clean and honest government, and achieve high-quality party building via high-quality development.

During this period, Liu Huailiang also organized a meeting for employees to promote new ideas and measures for the development of the international market and new requirements for management of projects under construction of Energy China and CGGC. After debriefing the opinions and suggestions of the employees, Liu Huailiang encouraged the staff to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and make new contributions to the high-quality development of CGGC’s international businesses.

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