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Lyu Zexiang Visits Russia for Surveys on Eastern European Regional Market
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From June 3 to 5, Lyu Zexiang, General Manager of CGGC International and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, led a delegation to Russia for in-depth surveys on development, management of projects under construction, etc., in a bid to systematically plan and accelerate further expansion of the Russian market and high-quality sustainable development of its Eastern European regional market.

Seminar for Eastern Europe and Russia Regional Markets

During the survey, Lyu Zexiang hosted a seminar on CGGC’s Eastern European and Russian regional markets in Moscow to publicize new ideas of CGGC’s new leadership, especially the strategic deployment of professional transformation of construction enterprises, further clarify the market development ideas and make every effort for new breakthroughs in the Eastern European market. At the meeting, he debriefed on reports about the market development in Russia, Ukraine and Poland, as well as the implementation of Amur Project in Russia. As he noted, Eastern Europe is an important region along the “Belt and Road” and plays a crucial role in promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road”. Russia is the largest trading partner of China in Eastern Europe, so expanding the Russian market and cultivating the Eastern European market are of great significance to the high-quality and sustainable development of CGGC’s international business.

As for key work in the next stage, Lyu Zexiang raised the following requirements: first, strengthen the overseas Party building in an all-round way, actively participate in the establishment of overseas demonstration grassroots Party branches of CGGC, and promote the in-depth integration of Party building with production and operation; second, proactively identify and satisfy the demands of Eastern European countries, and make all efforts to cultivate and expand the Russian and Eastern European markets in strict accordance with the guidelines summarized at the seminar on joint implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative by central enterprises; third, make innovation in project implementation mode considering local conditions, actively promote the equity participation and integration of investment, construction and operation, and enhance the efficiency of market development; fourth, strengthen the management of projects under construction, thoroughly implement the concept of “maintaining public relations by presenting owners superior projects”, and accelerate deep cultivation of local market backed by good performance; fifth, fully implement the SASAC’s requirements on compliance management of central enterprises, strengthen risk prevention and control, and ensure that CGGC conducts its business activities legally in Eastern Europe and Russia; sixth, improve the construction of overseas organizational structure in Eastern European, increase resources input and personnel allocation, and strengthen capacity building, thus leveraging effective support for sustainable development of the regional market.

Lyu Zexiang Meets with NIPIGAS General Manager Dmitry

During the period, Lyu Zexiang met with Dmitry, General Manager of NIPIGAS and the company's strategic partner in Russia, and Mihajlo, Chairman of Velesstory in Moscow. The parties had in-depth communications on CGGC International’s business development in Russia, cooperation on key projects, as well as implementation of Amur Project, and had active discussion on the third-party market cooperation in the Russian-speaking region. The Russian side appreciated CGGC’s comprehensive strength in the field of global energy infrastructure, recognized CGGC International’s performance and management mode for the Amur Project, and invited CGGC to continuously increase its investment in Russian market and to deepen practical cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Xin Zongyi, Deputy General Manager of CGGC International, Wang Huanming, Deputy General Manager of CGGC No. 3 Engineering Co., Ltd., relevant principals of the CGGC Mechanical & Electrical Construction Co., Ltd., International Department IV, and regional branches in Eastern Europe, were also present.

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