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Projects in Progress | World's Largest Monomer Reservoir Completed the Water Test
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On August 31, 2019

Reservoir No. 2 of MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) in Qatar

Water Test of the Last Cell in Zone 2 completed

Water Tests of Two Reservoirs of the Project Completed and Qualified!

Qatar is drought with less rain for its unique location in Middle East. To satisfy the increasing water demand, Qatar is now building a large water conservancy project that includes the world’s largest monomer reservoir constructed with the participation of CGGC. So far, all the water tests for the last reservoir have been completed with satisfactory results. MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) tops five reservoir projects simultaneously commenced in terms of construction quality, winning great praise from Qatar and building good image of the Chinese enterprises.

Undertaken by CGGC, MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) mainly involves the construction of 2 x 500,000m3 reservoirs, 1 large boosting pump station, supporting chlorination system, pipe network pressure regulating protection system and standby power supply system, water quality inspection center, water quality testing station, 26.4km trunk pipes, 4.8km fence, and 6.0km inner and outer traffic roads.

Continuous Innovation Brings Superior Project

01 Digital construction planning

The multi-objective optimization theory was applied to analyze the construction duration and cost and optimize the mechanical equipment plan, thus saving the construction cost and quickening the progress. The simulation software FLEXSIM was used for simulating the spatial transshipment of materials for the reservoir, with the optimal layout and usage plan obtained on the basis of analysis on equipment efficiency. The finite element software ANSYS was then applied to analyze the influence law of pouring length on the development of wall cracks and optimize the pouring size of the wall for reduced construction joints and leakage risk. BIM technology is used for detailed design of pumping stations, effectively avoiding divergence among different disciplines.

02 Ultra-high, ultra-long and ultra-thin reinforced concrete construction technology

New movable scaffolds were developed considering the ultra-high, ultra-long and ultra-thin walls, which effectively avoid repeated erection of scaffolds. Given the limited construction space on the site, large concrete pump trucks were used together with ground pumps, tackling the challenge in simultaneously placing the bottom plate, wall, column and top plate of the reservoir. Long-shaft vibrating needles and concrete vibrators were developed for improved concrete vibrating in consideration of dense reinforcement, deep yet narrow vibrating space and other characteristics of diversion wall.

03 Temperature control and crack prevention technology for concrete in tropical high temperature desert climate

Considering the high-temperature desert climate, efforts were made to optimize the concrete mix ratio, reduce the hydration heat and improve the working performance and endurance of concrete. New maintenance materials were adopted for reduced maintenance cost in view of water shortage in desert.


May 12, 2015

The Project ushered its ground-breaking ceremony under the witness of state heads and officials of Qatar

May 31, 2016

The MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) took the lead in completing the pressure test of main bypass pipes and achieved its node goal among five sections simultaneously commenced.

September 21, 2017

The Project Department optimized the hoisting plan after meticulous organization and repeated computation.

After careful planning, the Project Department successfully tackled challenges facing site hoisting and smoothly completed the hoisting of 19 x prestressed reinforced concrete girders (maximum weight of 125 tons), marking the preliminary completion of structural construction of the main pumping station.

October 24, 2017

All personnel completed the pouring of 104,000m3 concrete by 1591 placements and fabrication and installation of 35,000 ton steel despite of high temperature in hot summer, successfully achieving the capping of No. 1 reservoir with the capacity of 500,000m3.

March 10, 2018

The Project Department completed the compensator 4 days in advance with the accuracy within 1mm by applying 300t crawler crane for hoisting, successfully overcoming the challenge of large weight and narrow installation work face.

July 11, 2018

Chinese and foreign employees worked day and night and ultimately successfully completed the water commissioning of 4 low pressure pump sets (SS4B), No. 1 and No. 2 main pump sets after multiple times of debugging and tests. All the technical parameters of pumps and performance of equipment satisfied the requirements. All the mechanical and electrical systems and pipe valves worked normally.

November 28, 2018

The Project Department successfully completed the main structure of No. 2 reservoir 60 days in advance after 11 months careful organization and hard work by reference to successful experience in building No. 1 reservoir. The MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) took the lead in completing the pressure test of main bypass pipes and achieved its node goal among five sections simultaneously commenced.

July 10, 2019

To satisfy the strict requirements and high standards of the owner, Chinese and foreign mechanical, electrical and automation engineers cooperated closely with equipment manufacturers and contractors, and communicated well with the consulting engineers and owner. Ultimately, the permeant autonomous system-based water supply is achieved after repeated detections and debugging.

August 31, 2019

Water test of the last chamber in Zone 2 of Reservoir No. 2 of MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) in Qatar was completed, marking that water tests of two reservoirs of MEGA Reservoir PRPSs (Package E) were completed and qualified!

Localized Management

There are many canteens on the construction site considering the nationalities, religious faiths and different eating habits.

In the meantime, there are also places for pray and corresponding auxiliary facilities, as well as supermarket, barbershop, café, fast food restaurant and other supporting facilities for daily life. On weekends, there will be public vehicles that send employees to churches or mosques for pray.

In March 2018, the Project Department organized medical teams and some young volunteers to bring front-line foreign workers diverse public welfare services, including compulsory physical examination for foreign workers, medical knowledge lectures on how to protect health in a high-temperature and high-heat working environment, popularization of causes of chronic diseases and related preventive and health knowledge, and demonstrated treatment, bandaging and emergency rescue necessary for common heatstroke and trauma.

All these efforts bind foreign employees with CGGC, as they are always part of CGGC. Thanks to these activities and endeavors, foreign employees work hard with great enthusiasm despite of the high temperature of 50 degree centigrade and even the sensible temperature of up to 60 degree centigrade in hot summer.

Performance of Social Responsibilities for Better Brand Image of CGGC

The Project Department organizes social public welfare activities in “Lei Feng Week” on an annual basis to showcase CGGC’s good image of due diligence and raise the social influence of the Project Department.

In December 2016, the Project Department gave active response to the call of building local roads and offered machinery, human resources and other assistance to help people in remote areas build roads, thus promoting local development. In March 2017, the Project Department encouraged young league members to blood center in downtown Doha for voluntary blood donation …

We are striving to create superior projects via continuous innovation,

overcome all difficulties and challenges with great perseverance,

and integrate into local society with sincerity.

We always stay true to our mission and forge ahead to complete the main project as scheduled in this November!

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