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Delegation Led by Zhang Yang, Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Kuching, Malaysia, Inspected and GuidedBaleh Hydroelectric Project
Date:2020-10-29 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
Recently, a delegation led by Zhang Yang, Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate-General in Kuching, Malaysia, visited the Kuching Office of the Baleh Hydroelectric Project Department undertaken by CGGC to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and control and production operation of the Project Department. Consul Li Wangyuan and Consul Zhang Shuyi accompanied the visit.

Zhang Yang listened to the report made by the project leader on project progress, safety production, epidemic prevention and control, and the work plan for the next stage.

Zhang Yang fully affirmed the epidemic prevention and control work done by the Project Department and the resumption of work and production, and he requested the Project Department to continue to do a good job in safe production and regular epidemic prevention and control, to ensure that various measures are implemented to guarantee the health and safety of employees. As emphasized by Zhang Yang, he hoped that on the basis of fulfilling duties, the Company could take the initiative to publicize the good deeds of employees in helping local people, and tell the "Chinese story" well. The Chinese Consulate General in Kuching will continue to do its best to provide services for the Chinese enterprises and Chinese citizens.

Li Wangyuan said that the Project Department should further strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, assign responsibilities to specific personnel, and implement the measures in place; effectively improve the safety awareness, ensure safety in production and life, especially do a good job to prevent fire, flood, theft and robbery; strengthen personnel management and pay attention to employees’ mental health and provide them with useful help in work and life in a timely manner.

The person in charge of the Baleh Hydroelectric Project expressed his gratitude to Deputy Consul General Zhang Yang and his delegation for the visit, and noted that under the support and guidance of the Consulate General, the Project Department would further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control and resume work and production, and build the Baleh Hydroelectric Project into a demonstration project of international cooperation.

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