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113 million US dollars- CGGC Signed A Contract for Electromechanical Bidding of the Kandaji Hydropower Project in Niger
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Following the signing of the Agadez Diesel-Photovoltaic Complementary Energy Storage Power Plant Project in Niger on July 17, CGGC signed the Electromechanical Bidding Contract for the Kandaji Hydropower Station Project on September 30. The contract value is approximately US$ 113 million- marking another important achievement for CGGC on deepening the Niger market.

Photo of signing
The Electromechanical Bidding Contract signed this time mainly includes the design, supply and installation of four single-unit 32.5MW Kaplan turbine units, as well as the construction of related supporting facilities such as the foundation of the external transmission and booster station. The Project is co-financed by the World Bank and the French Development Agency.
As the largest hydropower station in Niger, the electromechanical bidding section of the Kandaji Hydropower Project will provide 630 million kWh of clean power every year to the capital Niamey, greatly reducing government foreign exchange expenditures on electricity imports, providing power to the capital, ensuring residents’ water supply, and promoting farmland irrigation and regional poverty reduction.
In June 2018, CGGC successfully signed a Civil Construction Bidding Contract for the Kandaji Hydropower Project.
In March 2019, the Project officially started. President of the Republic of Niger, Isofo Mahama, visited the construction site to lay the foundation for the hydropower station. As the contractor of the Project, CGGC coordinated the resources of all parties and actively promoted the implementation of the Project.
During the special period when the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading, the Company guided all units in Niger to adhere to the integrity of the performance, and under the premise of ensuring the health and life safety of Chinese and foreign employees, the Project resumed work and production in a scientific and orderly manner. The signing of the electromechanical bidding contract for this Project is a high recognition of CGGC's strong comprehensive strength and project performance ability.
Niger is the company's key market in Northwest Africa. Under the guidance of the Company’s headquarters and the Northwest Africa regional headquarters, the marketing team of the Company’s Niger Branch followed the principle of "ensuring the goal, maintaining the standard, and strengthening the work", won two bids successively in the same year, exceeded the Company’s annual business target, making a positive contribution to the Company’s annual production and operation objectives.

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