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350MW! CGGC International Signed the Largest Offshore Wind Power Project in Vietnam
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On November 11, CGGC International and Vietnam Construction and Trading Corporation signed an EPC Contract for the Vietnam Ca Mau No. 1 350MW Wind Power Project. This Project is the first large-scale intertidal wind power project signed by CGGC in Southeast Asia, laying a solid foundation for further expansion of the global new energy market. The company’s Party Secretary and Board Chairman Lyu Zexiang witnessed the signing through video connection.

Witness the signing

Scene of the Signing

Vietnam's Ca Mau No. 1 Wind Power Project is located in the tidal flat area of Sanjiang Dongshe, Nangen County, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. It has a total installed capacity of 350MW and is Pided into four wind farms: A, B, C, and D. The scope of the Project EPC Contract mainly includes the design, equipment supply, civil construction, installation and commissioning of projects such as intertidal wind farms, collection submarine cables, control centers, substations, transmission lines, as well as the owner’s office building and operation and maintenance docks.

Project location

With the continuous economic development of the Southeast Asia region, especially Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, the demand for electricity has been increasing day by day, with increased demand for renewable energy such as wind, solar and biomass energy in the local power market. Currently, Vietnam’s power generation is about 54GW. According to the national energy development strategy announced by the Vietnamese government in February, it is expected to rise to 130GW in the next decade. The 10-year energy development plan proposed by the Vietnamese government emphasizes the promotion of clean energy and plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 20%, so as to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The development of offshore wind power is one of the priority goals of the Vietnamese government to develop its marine economy.

The Ca Mau No. 1 Wind Power Project is currently the largest intertidal wind power project in Vietnam, and it is also the largest wind power project in Vietnam. After the completion of the Project, it will add about 1.1 billion kilowatt-hours of new power generation each year, save about 450,000 tons of standard coal, reduce about 880,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, significantly improve the current power shortage in the region and the entire southern region of Vietnam, and ease the contradiction between socio-economic development and environmental protection, making important contribution to the sustainable development of Vietnam and the world. The construction and operation of the Project will effectively promote the development of related industries, increase local fiscal revenue, and create a large number of local employment opportunities, train a large number of experienced skilled workers, promote local socio-economic development, and inject strong vitality into the Vietnamese economy.

In the context of the current global energy transition, CGGC International regards new energy business as an important direction of the Company’s emerging business, relying on the advantages of the new energy international investment alliance platform; it plays an active role in Energy China’s synergy in "going global" and has speeded up the “going global” of China's new energy business with high quality. Up to now, the international new energy contract reserve of CGGC has exceeded 3GW, which has realized important expansion from traditional regional markets to emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Offshore wind power projects have high requirements for ship equipment resources and construction management capabilities. Energy China boasts leading capabilities in offshore wind power project design, and has mature equipment and technologies in offshore wind turbine installation and submarine cable construction. The signing of this intertidal wind power Project is an important fruit of the Company's employment of Energy China’s offshore wind power expertise to promote the deep cultivation of the new energy market in Southeast Asia.
Hu Peng, Deputy General Manager of the Company, and relevant persons in charge of the Southeast Asia Branch, Foreign Financial Department, and Vietnam Office attended the signing ceremony.

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