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CGGC Signs Supporting Transmission and Transformation Project of Hydropower Station in Angola
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On March 9, CGGC and Office of Development of Middle Kwanza River of the Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola formally signed the business contract for the supporting transmission and transformation project of Luachimo Hydropower Station. This is the first transmission and transformation project signed by CGGC in the Angolan market, further consolidating the foundation of deep cultivation and rolling development of CGGC in the Angolan market.

Scene of the signing ceremony

The project, located in the city of Dundo, North Lunda Province, Angola, is an additional transmission and transformation supporting project for the reconstruction and expansion project of Luachimo Hydropower Station undertaken by CGGC. After project completion, the power transmission network will connect the Luachimo Hydropower Station and the urban area of Dundo to provide stable and reliable electric power for the city and its surrounding areas, and meet the raising power needs due to local social development. As an important part of the power supply system in Angola, the Luachimo Hydropower Project has been successfully implemented, with the realization of "zero accident" in safety, quality and environment. The construction of the factory building in rainy seasons and the early closure of the node cofferdam project were commended by the owner through letter. The signing of the power transmission and transformation project of this hydropower station is the full affirmation of CGGC’s high efficiency performance ability by the government of Angola.

Luachimo Hydropower Station

Angola is an important fulcrum of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and a key overseas country market of CGGC. At present, the CGGC’s projects under construction in Angola exceed US $6 billion, covering many fields such as energy, water, municipality, port, building, power transmission and transformation. While strengthening project performance and rewarding local society with high-quality projects, CGGC has vigorously strengthened territorial construction by conducting "people-centered communication" with practical actions, and extensively participating in local labor training, donation and other activities.

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