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The Company Signs a $1.5 billion Pump Storage Plant Project in Turkey
Date:2020-03-28 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On March 25, CGGC and Turkey KAF Company successfully signed the 1000 MW Egirdir Pump Storage Plant Project in Turkey, with a contract amount of US $1.5 billion, achieving a new breakthrough in the Turkish market.

The signing of the project represents another outcome of CGGC under the increasingly severe global epidemic situation by adhering to the general requirements of strengthening both epidemic prevention and production and operation, taking active actions, practicing the green development concept, and promoting the high-quality "going global" of hydropower business. KAF CEO Mustafa Arslan and the person in charge of CGGC Turkey Branch signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties.

The project is located at 25 km northeast of the capital of Isparta Province of Republic of Turkey, the installed capacity is 4 × 250MW. The work scope of the project mainly includes design, supply, construction, installation, commissioning and trail operation, and the total construction period is 75 months. After completion of the project, it will fill the gap in the field of pumped storage power generation in Turkey, which is of great significance for regional electric peak regulation.

Project location

In recent years, driven by the new energy policy in Turkey, the installed capacity of new energy power generation projects such as wind power and PV power has increased rapidly, so it is urgent for Turkey to build an affordable pumped storage power station with strong peak-regulating capacity and outstanding energy storage advantages. As the "Royal Army" of China's hydropower industry, CGGC will seize this opportunity, continue to give full play to its comprehensive advantages in investment, financing, construction and operation, actively participate in the construction of local green energy projects, and boost Turkey’s energy structure adjustment and economic and social development.

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