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AL Mutlaa Residential Project Department Starts Geological Survey for Construction of Rainwater Infiltration Pool
Date:2020-04-01 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On the morning of March 23, local time, with the drilling of the circulating drilling rig in the rainwater infiltration pool No. 1 of N6 area, the AL Mutlaa Residential Project Department in Kuwait officially starts the geological survey for construction of the rainwater infiltration pool.

There are 52 rainwater infiltration pools on the construction site. The geological survey period is 3 months. The construction content includes drilling excavation, soil sampling and installation of UPVC pipe. The drilling depth is 50 meters, the infiltration test shall be conducted every 5 meters, and the soil sample shall be collected every 1-1.5 meters. Prior to the commencement of geological survey, the Project Management Department, Design (Technology) Management Department and Safety Management Department jointly inspected the ground conditions, terrain conditions and safety protection of all rainwater infiltration pools. Rectification measures have been put forward immediately at the positions that failed to meet the construction conditions, and the construction technical disclosure have been made to the cooperative party to ensure the safety of the construction environment of each rainwater infiltration pool.

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