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CGGC Wins the Contract for Flood Control Infrastructure in Ibadan City
Source:Northwest Africa Regional Headquarters Date:2020-04-15 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On April 2, CGGC won the contract for flood control projects of four rivers in Ibadan City, Oyo Prefecture, Nigeria. This is the third project successfully won by CGGC in Nigeria after moving its Northwest African Regional Headquarters, as well as an important livelihood project in Nigeria won by the Northwest African Regional Headquarters in practicing CGGC’s instruction of putting professional business to the world stage.

Letter of Acceptance

Located in Oyo, Nigeria, the Project mainly involves regulation of bridges, culverts and aqueducts on both banks, construction of sidewalks, and restoration of ecological landscape and roads. Funded by the World Bank, it is a key infrastructure project in Nigeria that has attracted great attention from local people.

Project Location

In the face of severe outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world, the Northwest Africa Regional Headquarters has always attached equal importance to pandemic prevention & control and market development, kept contact with the Owner and relevant partners through e-mail, telephone, WeChat, or by other means, proactively collected project information and continuously promoted the market development as scheduled, with great achievement made in both aspects.

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