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Installation of Raise-bore Machine of Pressure Shaft of SK Hydropower Station Commenced
Source:Project Department of SK Hydropower Station Date:2020-04-30 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On April 11, installation of the raise-bore machine of lower pressure shaft of SK Hydropower Station Project was commenced, indicating the start of excavation of pressure shaft cluster.

Pressure shaft cluster of SK Hydropower Station Project is the deepest of its kind throughout the world. Penstock segment is dual-line tunnel comprising vertical section and horizontal section, arranged in three-step pattern. The overall height difference of the penstock segment is 737.94m, while the single shaft (comprising the upper, middle and lower sections) is 642.61m deep. The pressure shaft cluster of SK Hydropower Station will break the world’s record of the deepest shaft made by 544m deep pressure shaft of Coca Codo Sinclair Hydropower Station in Ecuador, making it one of SK Hydropower Station’s key lines featuring the greatest construction difficulties and strictest technical requirements.  Raise-bore machine installation is the premise for shaft excavation, with its challenge laying in how to ensure the vertical accuracy of the rig’s guide hole.

In the face of restrictions in all aspects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Project Department has made careful arrangement, set up special team for shaft cluster excavation, and proactively coordinated with personnel and materials for key nodes, thus ensuring smooth shaft construction. Successful installation of raise-bore machine has laid solid foundation for vertical shaft construction.

The Project Department has earnestly practices CGGC’s guiding spirit of “making all efforts to do well pandemic prevention & control and ensure scientific, orderly work and production resumption” upholding the principle of “attaching equal importance to both pandemic prevention & control and work and production resumption. All the personnel of the Project Department have made joint efforts to achieve the annual production and operation goals.

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