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Commencement of Tunnel Excavation of N15 Rerouted Highway in SK Hydropower Station Project
Date:2020-05-19 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On May 13, the tunnel body of N15 Rerouted Highway in SK Hydropower Station Project was officially started excavation, which laid a solid foundation for the full accessibility of the N15 Rerouted Highway.

The N15 Rerouted Highway is located on the bank slope of the left bank of the dam. As a sub-key line of the Project, the highway has a total length of 4801 meters, including a 415-meter tunnel of single tunnel structure. The tunnel starts with the pile number K1 + 495, with the floor elevation of 2243.53, and ends with the pile number K1 + 910, with the floor elevation of 2255.23. The longitudinal slope is 2.821%, with the tunnel entry section excavated against the slope, and the tunnel exit section excavated along the slope; the width of the excavated section is 11.98 ~ 12.92 meters, and the height is 8.06 ~ 10.6 meters. The accumulated excavation volume of earth and rock in the tunnel body is about 38,000 cubic meters. Although the tunnel is a short one, it poses many construction challenges, mainly due to the diversity of tunnel geology, in particular, the tunnel entrance is located in a position with various geological overburden layers. In order to reduce the disturbance of construction to the weak and broken surrounding rock and ensure the construction quality, the construction personnel of the Project Department strictly controlled the charge amount of blasting, and formulated the corresponding excavation method and supporting method according to different types and grades of surrounding rocks; at the same time, in order to guarantee safety during construction, the Project was equipped with a certain number of square wood, structural steel frame and other materials to protect the tunnel from collapse.

At present, the SK Hydropower Station Project is in the peak period of construction, in order to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure production, the Project Department has adjusted the construction plan and reasonably allocated resources, deploying personnel on the key lines and key parts of construction. All the staff of the Project Department are united as a whole as they stick to the front line of production, scientifically and orderly advance the construction and strive to effectively achieve the two goals of fighting against the epidemic and ensuring production, making every effort to fulfill the production and operation objectives of the year.


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