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Diversion Tunnel of Kakai Hydropower Station Project in Angola Enters the Concrete Pouring Stage
Date:2020-05-22 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On May 20, the first concrete pouring was completed in the inlet section of No. 2 Diversion Tunnel of Kaikai Hydropower Station in Angola, the largest hydropower station under construction in Africa, which was undertaken by CGGC, marking that the Project has entered the concrete pouring stage from excavation smoothly.

Construction site

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Angola had issued a presidential decree declaring that the country was in a state of emergency, so the entry of project personnel and materials was blocked. The Project Department eliminated many difficulties, on the one hand, it strictly implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures such as grid management; on the other hand, it actively negotiated construction plans with the owner and the supervisor, deployed key technical personnel to carry out relevant test work, and organized materials to enter the site through multiple channels, completing the first concrete pouring task in high quality, laying a solid foundation for the closure of Kwanza River.

The Project is located in the city of Dondo, Kwanza Province, north of Angola, about 230km from the capital of Luanda, with a planned installed capacity of 2,172 megawatts and an annual capacity of 856.6 billion watts after completion, which will meet more than 40% of the power supply demand in Angola. During peak construction

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