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Section I of the Underground Powerhouse Installation Room of the SK Hydropower Station Completed Concrete Pouring
Source:SK Hydropower Station Project Department Date:2020-05-05 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

Construction site

Construction site
On May 4, the construction task was completed 17 days in advance for slab-beam concrete pouring at elevation 1323.73 in Section I of the underground powerhouse installation room of the SK Hydropower Station Project. Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, all the workers in the factory building of the Project Department stuck to the front line and united as one; after making continuous effort for one day and one night, the pouring task was completed with high quality, laying a solid foundation for the handover of the working face to the electromechanical operation in advance.

The powerhouse of SK Hydropower Station is arranged in the right bank of Mangial Gully, with a horizontal buried depth of 800 meters and a vertical buried depth of about 430 meters. The ground elevation of the installation room is 1312.5 meters, with the whole length of 38.48 meters, the width of 25.6 meters, and the height of 36.75 meters. It is divided into two parts: Section I and Section II of the installation room. The installation room is a plate-and-beam structure, which is mainly used as the installation site of plant generator set and other equipment, and the lower floor comprises other functional rooms and water collecting tanks.

During the pouring construction, there is cross operation between the excavation of other parts of the factory building and the construction of the installation room, especially the blasting construction would affect the construction quality of the installation room. The Project Department carefully organized and standardized management, strictly controlled the blasting vibration speed, preferentially guaranteed the construction between the installation rooms and completed the construction tasks ahead of schedule, thus greatly encouraging the morale of all employees.

It is learnt that, due to the epidemic and the impact of Ramadan in Pakistan, SK Project Department temporarily arranged some Pakistani employees take leave or work from home in order to better implement the closed and grid management. The Party member commandos and youth commandos of the Project Department fully played their role of leadership, took the lead at the critical moment at the front line to implement production and set examples. More than 120 Chinese employees in the factory building area undertook the work tasks that were once undertaken by more than 1,200 employees; the leaders of the Project Department and the Chinese management personnel all joined the Party members' commandos to play a demonstrative role and participate in the first-line work including rebar transportation and public security management, effectively guaranteeing the construction progress, jointly performing the duties of all the cadres and staff of the project, strengthening the implementation, and contributing a powerful joint force in the midst of such difficult times.

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