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The Kuwaiti Mutra Project Department Carries Out "Consultation Day" Activity of the Safety Month
Date:2020-06-20 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

“I must consciously do not violate the rules of command……” On the morning of June 16, At the entrance of the N12A overseas labor camp of Kuwaiti Mutra Project Department, the "Safety Consultation Day" was held, and Chinese and foreign employees lined up in an orderly manner with safe spacing, taking a safety oath with the foreign safety officers of the Project Department.


In total, more than 100 overseas labor representatives took part in the collective oath, and foreign safety officers distributed "Safety Month" leaflets to each overseas labor representative at present. In the orderly and forceful oath, the "6 · 16 Consultation Day" activity drew the curtain, the foreign safety officers of the Project Department were ready to meet with employees for consultation. In the consultation office, everyone kept a safe distance and did a good job of personal protection. Each employee who came to the consultation would first identify the "Safety Hazard Common Disease Atlas", and then listen to the safety officer’s explanation and guidance according to the actual situation of production operation. The "Consultation Day" received a total of about 1800 persons in batches with all participants taking protective measures.

June is the 19th "Safety Month" across the country. Under the guidance of various safety systems of both the group and the headquarters of the Company, the Kuwaiti Mutra Project Department, in combination with the actual situation of the epidemic prevention and control, focused on the three-year action plan for special improvement of safety production, highlighted the theme of "eliminating potential accidents and building a safe defense line", and strengthened the publicity and education of disaster accident science, safety law and safety experience. It formulated a series of "Safety Month" activities, promoted safety lectures to the site and teams, strived to popularize them to every Chinese and foreign employee, urged personnel at all levels to firmly establish the concept of safety development, take the responsibility for safe production, and promoted the transformation of safe production from "full participation" to "full responsibility."

At present, the "Safety Month" activities of the Project Department are still in full swing.

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