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Argentine Minister to China Visits CGGC
Date:2020-07-10 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On July 6, the new special representative of Argentina for investment and trade promotion in China, Minister Sabino-vaca Nalwaha, visited Beijing headquarters of CGGC under CEEC. Lyu Zexiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, had in-depth exchanges with the Minister on Argentina's energy infrastructure cooperation and reached consensus.

Scene of the meeting

During the meeting, Lyu Zexiang welcomed Mr. Sabino's visit to the Company and thanked the Argentine Embassy for its constant support and help. He said that as a core member of CEEC, which is a super-large central enterprise in China, CGGC has a business coverage including construction, transportation, new energy, and water services; it is able to provide planning, design, construction and operation of one-stop industrial chain solutions. The Company has actively pushed forward project contracting and investment in a two-wheel drive for coordinated development, and has completed investment decision-making of nearly USD 6 billion. South America is the core regional market of CGGC. In recent years, CGGC has won the bids for 30 projects with a total contract amount of over USD10 billion there. Argentina is one of the key countries of the Company’s development in South America. Since its entry into the Argentine market in 2010, CGGC has signed nearly USD 6.4 billion worth of contracts, of which the Koongla Hydropower Station Project is the largest cooperation project between China and Argentina, attracting great attention from the governments and people of the two countries. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Company has joined hands with Argentina to prevent the epidemic, steadily promoted the stable and high-yield production of the Koongla Hydropower Station, and ensured the safety and health of the project staff. With broad prospects for cooperation between China and Argentina, CGGC is full of confidence in Argentina's economic development, and will continue to strengthen the promotion of key projects, actively innovate business models, extensively participate in the economic construction of Argentina in the form of EPC or investment, and continuously consolidate the foundation of economic and trade cooperation between China and Argentina.

Mr. Sabino expressed his gratitude to CGGC for its efforts to promote the implementation of the projects, enhance local employment, and donate epidemic prevention materials to Argentina, especially during the critical period of the global fight against the epidemic. He said the COVID-19 outbreak had created temporary uncertainties for Argentina's economic development, but the Argentine government was confident that it would revive its economy and would continue to strengthen economic, trade and investment cooperation with China, push forward the implementation of the cooperation projects and financing projects determined by both sides in an orderly manner, and continue to strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. CGGC has rich experience in international engineering, investment and construction, and is a reliable partner. The Koongla Hydropower Station is the largest energy project under construction in Argentina. The Argentine government and embassy also attach great importance to this Project and will strongly support CGGC to successfully complete the project performance. The Argentine government welcomes CGGC's wider and deeper participation in Argentina's economic construction and investment. The Argentine Embassy in China will provide active assistance for CGGC's business development in Argentina, and promote the continuous and in-depth development of mutually beneficial cooperation and bilateral relations between the two countries.

Visit the exhibition hall

Aleel Zarizki, Director of the Investment Office of the Argentine Embassy in China, Zhou Xing, Deputy General Manager of the Company, Li Wuqun, Assistant to General Manager, and relevant heads of the International Department I and the Market Financing Department also attended the meeting.

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