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CGGC Signed the Commercial Contract for the Spot Exchange Project ofAgadez Solar and Thermal Hybrid Power Plant  in Niger
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On July 17, CGGC and Niger State Power Corporation signed a commercial contract for the Agadez Solar and Thermal Hybrid Power Plant  in Niger. This is another livelihood project made by CGGC in Niger after the first bid project of Kandadji Hydropower Station, which has realized the rolling development of the Company in the Niger market. This Project is also a new energy spot exchange project signed after the establishment of the Company's regional headquarters in Northwest Africa.
The Project is located in the Agadez Region, covering five cities and towns including Timia, Dirkou and Bilma, which is 1,200 kilometers away from the capital, and will be expanded to 17 cities and towns in the future. The project contents include the design, supply and installation of 2876kWc PV power generation system and 4345kWh energy storage system as well as relevant auxiliary facilities. The Project, financed by the World Bank, is one of the framework projects for rural electrification in Niger. The completion of the project, which will take 18 months, will change the electricity-free situation in the above-mentioned cities and towns, improve the utilization rate of clean energy, and help reduce poverty in desert areas.
Under the guidance of the Chinese Embassy in Niger during the special period of global epidemic outbreak, CEEC guided CGGC to innovate in the market development mode for its units in Niger. It also strengthened the regional market development, and adopted a series of measures such as grid-based and closed-end management, strengthening the reserve of epidemic prevention materials, and intensifying disinfection and epidemic prevention, to organize epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production at the Kandadji Hydropower Station, the largest power and energy project under construction in Niger, in an orderly manner, truly achieving the goal of "grasping both sides" in epidemic prevention and control as well as production and operation. Up to now, there has been no confirmed case among the Chinese and foreign employees of the Company in Nepal, and the Kandadji Hydropower Station Project is progressing in an orderly manner. The Company's donation of epidemic prevention materials and anti-epidemic funds to the government of Niger has also been widely praised by all parties.
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