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Angolan Ambassador to China Visits CGGC
Date:2020-07-03 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On July 1, the Angolan Ambassador to China, Joao Salvador dos Santos Neto, visited the Beijing headquarters of CGGC. Lyu Zexiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, warmly received the delegation, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on working together to fight the COVID-19 epidemic and deepen investment and construction cooperation in the field of energy infrastructure.

  Scene of the meeting

Lyu Zexiang welcomed the delegation and expressed his thanks to the Angolan government for its strong support for the Company's operations in Angola during the COVID-19 outbreak. He said that Angola is an important strategic market of CGGC, and the Company has always adhered to the development concept of "two-wheel drive and coordinated development of international project contracting and overseas investment". The construction of infrastructures and energy in Angola has been expanded in an in-depth manner, and the Angolan market has been deeply explored and developed in a rolling manner. Since entering the Angolan market in 2008, CGGC has signed contracts totaling USD 7.6 billion in Angola, and undertaken nine key projects related to the national economy and people's livelihood, including Kaikai Hydropower Station, the largest hydropower station in Angola, covering a wide range of fields such as municipal administration, housing construction, water supply, hydropower, ports and wharfs, to boost social and economic development in Angola.

Lyu Zexiang said that fighting the COVID-19 outbreak is the common responsibility of all mankind. China, as a responsible country, and CGGC, a responsible central enterprise, have been steadfastly working with the Angolan government and people to fight against the epidemic. During the epidemic, with the joint efforts of China and Angola, the Company has coordinated and promoted the epidemic prevention and control as well as production and operation, and there was no confirmed case among the employees in Angola, and the ongoing projects were steadily advancing. At the same time, the Company has donated a batch of urgently needed epidemic prevention materials to the Ministry of Health of Angola through the Angolan Embassy in China, and fought side by side with the Angolan people on the production and anti-epidemic fronts. The Company was greatly encouraged and excited by the Thank-You Letter issued by Your Excellency Ambassador. CGGC is full of confidence in the social and economic development of Angola, and is willing to continue to participate in the construction and investment of energy infrastructure in Angola, with a focus on high-quality projects with good economic and social benefits. At the same time, CGGC will strengthen cooperation in skills education and training of local employees to boost social and economic development and improve people's living standards in Angola.

Mr. Ambassador thanked CGGC for its long-term efforts, especially at such critical time in the global fight against the epidemic, to actively promote the implementation of the projects, enhance local employment, and support the efforts of the Angolan epidemic prevention and control. He said that China and Angola are strategic partners, the two sides have established profound friendship through long-term exchanges and cooperation and have broad prospects for cooperation. In the global fight against the epidemic, China's strength and speed have been further demonstrated, and the Angolan government has full confidence in the Chinese government and excellent enterprises such as CGGC. Angola is Persifying its economy, and excellent Chinese enterprises such as CGGC are welcome to participate in the construction and investment of power, infrastructure and agriculture in Angola. At the same time, CGGC is welcome to come to Angola for technical personnel education and training, and the Angolan Embassy in China will do a good job in communication and connection.

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