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Two More Orders Signed in Peru for Rolling Development in South America
Date:2020-08-15 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

Since the end of July, CGGC has embraced a number of great news in the Peruvian market, including successive signing and bid-winning for two housing construction projects and a highway cash exchange project, which realized the diversified and rolling development of the market in Peru and further consolidated the achievements of the South American market. This Project is also the first batch of spot exchange projects in Peru following the resumption of work and production.

Among them, the Maria Hospital Upgrade Project is located in Mendoza, Peru's Amazon Region, about 620km from the capital city of Lima. The scope of works includes civil construction, equipment supply and installation. The main work contents include the construction of outpatient buildings and the supply and installation of heating, ventilation, and electrical device. The planned construction period is 21 months.

The Sausal Road Rehabilitation Project is located in Ayabaca City in the northeast of the Piura Region of Peru, about 900 kilometers from the capital city of Lima. The road to be restored is located in the mountainous area, with a total length of 14km, a driving lane width of 4m, and a design speed of 30km/h. It adopts asphalt pavement, with an altitude of about 1000m. The works include road subgrade, pavement, drainage system, speed bump, retaining wall, gabion net, etc. The planned construction period is 6 months.

In the context of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, the Company has instructed overseas branches to focus on pandemic prevention and control on the one hand, and market development on the other hand. It actively collected project information through multiple channels, and maintained communication with employers and government departments via emails, web conferences and other methods to promote the continuous contracting of spot foreign exchange projects in Peru and other deeply cultivated countries, in a bid to exceed the annual time-series objectives.

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