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Kuwaiti Minister of Housing and Affairs Inspected the Mutra Project
Date:2020-09-22 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
Rana, Minister of the Cabinet and Minister of Housing and Affairs of Kuwait, accompanied by the Director and Deputy Director of the Kuwait General Administration of Housing and Welfare, visited the Mutra Project undertaken by CGGC on the afternoon of September 13th.

Inspect the project site
This time, Rana and his delegation mainly inspected the N10 area of the key block handed over by the Mutra Project, and listened to the report of the project leader on the overall Project and the construction plan, construction progress, resource input, quality control and other related conditions of the N10 block. She was satisfied with the overall progress of the Project and recognized the project department's efforts of adhering to integrity of performance and ensuring continuity of "production chain" during the epidemic. She said that the transfer of the first phase of the Mutra Project is of great significance, and the Kuwaiti government and residents of the new city maintain a high degree of attention to this and she hoped that the transfer can be completed as soon as possible. She asked the project department to continue to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, continue to maintain communication with all parties, further increase construction efforts, improve work efficiency, increase resource input, and ensure the smooth transfer of the N10 area by the end of October.
The Mutra Housing Infrastructure Construction Project is located about 8 kilometers northwest of Jahra City, Kuwait. The Project is the municipal engineering project with the largest contract value of the Kuwait General Administration of Housing and Welfare to date. After completion, it will house 400,000 people. It is an important livelihood project in Kuwait and has attracted widespread attention from the Chinese government and Kuwaiti people. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic in Kuwait at the end of February, the project department has attached equal importance to epidemic prevention and production, to ensure stable and high output, sprint to the node goal, and fully demonstrate to the Kuwaiti government and local residents the good image of Chinese enterprise in performing contract with integrity.

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