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Peru Maria Hospital Officially Commenced
Date:2020-09-26 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On September 21, local time, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Peru Maria Hospital Project undertaken by CGGC was held in Mendoza, the Amazon Region where the Project is located. Alfamirano Oscar, President of the Amazon Region, attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Project and delivered a speech. More than 200 people, including the Mayor of Mendoza, the Director of the Municipal Engineering Administration, the Director of Sanitary Bureau, the General Manager of Maria Hospital Project, the municipal advisory group, the site representative of CGGC, the project leader of the partner LITO Company and many local people witnessed this important moment.

In his speech, the President of the Amazon Region stated that due to the impact of Peru's COVID-19 epidemic, medical institutions and medical staff across the country are in severe shortage, and the upgrading of Maria Hospital is an imperative move. It is hoped that CGGC and LITO will give full play to their professional advantages, speed up the implementation of the Project, complete all construction work and deliver it to the government of Mendoza in June 2022 to benefit the local people.

The representative of CGGC stated in his speech that, as a core member company of the world's Top 500- CEEC, CGGC has businesses in 142 countries and regions around the world, and has achieved deep cultivation and rolling development in regional markets as Latin American, including Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. As the project contractor, CGGC will work together with LITO to comply with relevant technical quality standards and transfer the hospital to the local government on time. At the same time, CGGC is also looking forward to take this Project as an opportunity to have more extensive cooperation with the local government and supervision engineers to work together for the welfare of local people.

After the speech, the President of the Amazon Region and the Mayor of Mendoza accompanied the representatives of CGGC to the construction site. With the roar of machinery, the excavator started the first shovel, announcing the official commencement of the Maria Hospital Project.

The Peru Maria Hospital Project is the first spot foreign exchange project that has been tendered after the resumption of work and production in Peru. The Project is located in Mendoza, Peru's Amazon Region, about 620km away from the capital city of Lima. The main work content includes the construction of outpatient buildings and the supply and installation of heating, ventilation, and electrical equipment. The planned construction period is 21 months.

During the final sprint stage of 2020, in accordance with the overall deployment of the Group, CGGC guided overseas institutions to adhere to high goal orientation, sort out the contracted projects, give full play to the project implementation conditions, promote the early implementation of the project, and achieve early entry, early commencement, early put into production, and early results, quickly opened the construction situation, setting off a climax of 100 days of work, and striving to complete the Company's annual business objectives and tasks.

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