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The Umm Al Qaiwain Seawater Desalination Project Department in the UAE Launched Quality Month Event
Date:2020-09-28 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the sun is still blazing like a ball of fire. In September, the Umm Al Qaiwain Seawater Desalination Project Department in the UAE launched the quality month event with a variety of activities.

In order to create a good atmosphere for the quality month event, on September 2, the Project Department organized a quality month theme presentation and signature event to popularize quality knowledge, spread quality ideas, and achieve strict and regular quality management. All employees of the Project Department solemnly signed their names on the banner of the quality month, and made the first promise of the month of quality.

During the period, the Project Department arranged a number of quality banners to be hung in the office area and construction area for publicity based on the actual situation on the site. At the same time, it organized and carried out the quality month good behavior casual photography activity to encourage all employees to take part in the event.

In addition, the Project Department organized the "9.15 Quality Warning Day" educational video activity. Through watching the video, the employees reviewed and thought about the current quality problems in the Project Department, and proposed to strengthen quality management, follow local laws and regulations, and strictly control the process to ensure the quality of the Project; and to take the quality month as an opportunity, maintain long-term quality warning education by holding special meetings and standing meetings, to ensure the quality of the Project.

All employees of the Project Department learn quality knowledge and strengthen quality awareness in the process of actively participating in the quality month event, forming a good atmosphere in which quality will be the priority, every month will be deemed as a quality month, and everyone will pay attention to quality, which effectively improves the management quality of the Project Department.

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