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Thrusting of Main Bridge of Bailey Bridge of LB Hydropower Station in Argentina Completed
Date:2020-09-30 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On September 25 local time, the thrusting construction of the main bridge of Bailey Bridge of LB Hydropower Station in Argentina was successfully completed, marking that the bridge construction has been progressed to its final stage.


Construction Site
During thrusting construction, relevant departments of the Project Department have made multiple technical disclosures for this bridge that faces Perse challenges like great risks in construction safety, huge technical difficulties, complex conditions and harsh climate in construction site. All kinds of measures were taken to ensure safe and smooth thrusting, including but not limited to setting up work warning signs, fencing dangerous areas, completely checking temporary passages on the deck, applying the life jacks and safety belts for increased guarantee, and designating rescue and medical personnel whole-journey accompany. The thrusting was successfully completed and won great praise from the owner and supervisor thanks to the joint efforts of both Chinese and Argentine personnel. Antonio, the leader of the supervision team, even thumbed up and praised “excelente (excellent)”.
With a total length of 159.75m and carriageway width of 7.35m, the Bailey Bridge of LB Hydropower Station is a three-span continuous girder bridge that crosses over the Santa Cruz River. As the main traffic path for site construction, it will shorten the time to the opposite bank from over 6 hours to several minutes, playing an extremely important role for the left bank construction of the LB Hydropower Station.

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