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CGGC Signs Road Project in Peru under the Witness of Peruvian President
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On September 26 local time, the signing ceremony of Samegua Road Project in Moquegua Region undertaken by CGGC was held in Samegua District, Mariscal Nieto Province, Moquegua Region. Among the 400 attendees were Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra, Peruvian Minister of Transport and Communication, Minister of Housing and Construction, Minister of National Defense, President of Moquegua Region, Local Highway Director of Ministry of Transport and Communication, Mayor of  Mariscal Nieto Province of Moquegua Region, Governor of Samegua District, Head of Peru Branch of CGGC, Head of Project Partner, and local participants.

The representative of CGGC signed the contract for upgrading of Samegua Road with the Principal of the Ministry of Transport and Communication. Then, representative of CGGC presented President Martín Vizcarra with the model of the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, CGGC’s cultural souvenir, noting that CGGC is more confident in and capable of undertaking similar key livelihood projects in Peru in the future as the main contractor of the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, the largest hydropower station in the world.

In his speech, President Martín Vizcarra noted that he had been to China, one of the world’s four great ancient civilizations, and visited the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project that represents the world’s cutting-edge technologies. Samegua Road is the main trunk of Moquegua Region and the important orchard planting base of Mariscal Nieto Province lies on its left bank, which is often flooded due to the influence of El Nino effect. The contracted project aims to upgrade the existing roads, protect the left bank of Moquegua River, and ensure the traffic safety of local people and local economic development.

The representative of CGGC firstly paid tribute to the Peruvian government’s policies on fight against the Covid-19, work and production resumption, guarantee of people’s living standards, etc. during the outbreak and spreading of Covid-19, and noted that, as a responsible transnational enterprise, CGGC will complete the Project as scheduled with superior quality in strict accordance with the contractual terms and provisions to benefit local people.

Project Location

Located in Samegua District, capital of Moquegua Region, Peru, the Project mainly involves the repair and upgrading of the existing Samegua Road. With a total length of about 8.69km and width of 7-16m, the road will be paved with hot asphalt and has the planned construction duration of 330 days. Other works involved include the construction of an about 4.14km masonry wall riverbank fortifications along the road, 5 concrete piers at 0.36km upstream of the river, as well as the installation of mileage stakes, signal adjusting devices, reflecting beams, and road markings

Project Rendering

The contract signing has been widely reported by government websites such as the news network of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, Andina News Agency, the official news agency of Peru, and La República.

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