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Witnessed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, the Construction of the Largest CCGT Project in Central Asia Commenced
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On January 24, the commencement ceremony of Uzbekistan Sirdarya 1500MW CCGT Project, undertaken by CGGC International, was held in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and Shirin City, where the Project is located. The Project was commenced immediately after signing of the contract, making a good start in overcoming the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Investment and Foreign Trade Umurzako, Deputy Minister of Energy Sherzod Khodjaev, Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia Khaled Al-Faleh, the project employer, ACWA Power Chairman Mohammad A. Abunayyan, attended the commencement ceremony.

In his speech, Umurzako, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, said that the Sirdarya 1500MW CCGT Project is an important project to adjust the country's energy structure and increase power production capacity. At the same time, as the first independent developer investment project approved by the Uzbek government, the Project is of milestone significance for the development of the energy sector in Uzbekistan.

Sherzod Khodjaev, Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, praised ACWA Power and CGGC International for their professionalism and efficiency in advancing the Project. He said it was of vital significance that the Project could be executed quickly and generated on schedule. The Uzbek government will actively coordinate with the participating units to advance the development and construction of the Project.

Mohammad A. Abunayyan, President of ACWA Power, and Abid Malik, Regional Director expressed their appreciation for CGGC International's efforts to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic and promote the smooth commencement of the Project. They recognized the Company’s management of project site construction and epidemic prevention and control. ACWA Power is aware of the important position of the Project in the field of energy and power in Uzbekistan, ACWA Power will spare no efforts in promoting project safety, quality and environmental management, work with the contractor to complete the construction and operation of the Project on schedule and with high quality, and actively perform the social responsibility of the Project.

Uzbekistan is an inland country in the hinterland of Central Asia, and is also the only way to extend the “Belt and Road” to the west. The Uzbek government has been committed to actively participating in the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and promoting the economic and trade exchanges and energy cooperation. The Project adopts the design scheme of the gas turbine with the highest combustion temperature, the largest single unit power and the highest efficiency in the world and the design scheme with "zero emission of waste water"; it can provide 36 million kilowatts of electricity to the local power grid every day, benefiting one million Uzbek residents. It is an important livelihood project planned by the Uzbek government. The project developer is located in Saudi Arabia, the general contractor of the Project is from China, the main engine of the Project is Mitsubishi H-class gas turbine of Japan, and many enterprises of Uzbekistan will participate in the Project. The successful commencement of the Project has created an example of third-party cooperation among Chinese, Saudi Arabian, Japanese and Uzbek enterprises in the fields of technology, capital and construction.

This Project is also a major livelihood project in which CGGC International has made double breakthroughs in the country's market and gas turbine field of Uzbekistan, and the third project jointly promoted by the Company and ACWA Power, which will further implement the strategy of focusing on major customers. Since the signing of the PPA in March 2020, the Company has actively leveraged the internal collaboration and professional advantages of CEEC, innovated the working methods, overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic, and closely cooperated with ACWA Power, the developer, to promote the development of the Project. In January 2021, the EPC contract of the Project was signed and the Project was commenced at the same time.

As the general contractor of the Project, CGGC International will closely follow the strategic guidance of the two-tier groups, and accelerate the prior and high-quality coordinated development of CEEC’s overseas business. The Company will work with Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction and other internal units under CEEC to carry out routine epidemic prevention and control, scientifically set various work objectives, do a good job in safety management to ensure the smooth implementation of the Project, and deliver a satisfactory outcome to the people of Uzbekistan.

The above activities were attended by the Mayor of Shirin City, the location of the Project in Uzbekistan, the ACWA Power project execution team and the project implementation team of CGGC International.

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