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Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kazakhstan: Special Cement of Chinese Enterprise Facilitates the Construction and Devel
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From January to August 2021, the Xili Cement Plant Project invested and built by CGGC in Kazakhstan cumulatively produced 726,000 tons of cement, up 807% year on year, and sold 740,000 tons of cement, up 574% year on year. During the pandemic, Xili Cement Plant overcame numerous difficulties, seized market opportunities, overfulfilled its production tasks, and played a positive role in accelerating the recovery of Kazakhstan's economy and the development of the building materials industry.

CGGC’s Xili Cement Plant, located in Kyzyl, Oerda, southwest Kazakhstan, is one of the first key projects of the China-Kazakhstan production capacity cooperation. The Project was invested by China Gezhouba Group Cement Co., Ltd. and undertaken by CTIEC. With a total investment of USD 169 million, the Project was designed to produce 1 million tons of cement annually and to build the first oil well cement production line in Kazakhstan. In April 2017, the construction of Xili Cement Plant was officially commenced, and the trial production was commenced in May 2019. In October of the same year, the completion and operation ceremony was held, setting a record for the fastest construction of similar projects in Kazakhstan. The blue-and-white plant, winding pipes and high-rise preheaters make Xili Cement Plant a landmark industrial building in the region. Since its construction, the Project has created more than 220 direct jobs in Kazakhstan, indirectly boosted the employment of more than 400 people, and vigorously promoted the development of surrounding transportation, service and other industries.

Kazakhstan is rich in oil resources, and the oil industry is the pillar industry of its economy, however, the oil well cement used for cementing has long depended on import. Taking advantage of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Xili Cement Plant has brought advanced oil well cement production technologies to Kazakhstan, helping Kazakhstan fill the gap in the industry, improving the industry chain, realizing industrial upgrading, and completely ending the history of consuming large amounts of foreign currency each year to purchase oil well cement. In December 2018, when Kazakhstan’s then President Nazarbayev made a video tour of the Xili Cement Plant Project, he said that, oil well cement production was an industry from scratch in Kazakhstan’s industrial sector and it played a positive role in promoting the development of Kazakhstan’s building materials industry. The Kazakh government therefore hailed the Xili Cement Plant Project as a “new term in the industrial field”.

Today, Xili Cement Plant is famous in the industry for special cement; the products cover 11 types of cement, which can meet the individualized and differentiated market demand and have won the “Outstanding Achievement Award of Quality” from Kazakhstan. By virtue of high-quality product and high-quality after-sales service, Xili Cement Plant has established a good market reputation and brand image in the field of building materials in Kazakhstan. The oil well cement produced by the Project has been rapidly promoted in Kazakhstan, and the market share of high sulfur-resistant cement reached nearly 1/3, and various cement products have been widely used in complex construction environments such as oil fields. In addition, the products of Xili Cement Plant have greatly contributed to the key projects such as the 100MW Wind Farm in Zannatas, Jampur Prefecture, the International Airport in Turkestan, the Tashkent New City Construction Project in Uzbekistan, and the 1500MW Gas-Fired Combined Cycle Independent Power Station on the Sier River. It has become a veritable “cornerstone” for infrastructure construction and a “granary” for engineering projects, and has won high recognition and wide acclaim from users, which can be rated as a model of the China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation.

Amity between the peoples holds the key to state-to-state relations, and amity between the peoples lies in mutual understanding. Xili Cement Plant has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, and participated extensively in public welfare activities, organized donations for local leukemia patients, donated stationery for poor students, provided assistance for residents in need of heating coal for the winter, and dredged water channels for surrounding villages. During the pandemic, Xili Cement Plant provided anti-epidemic isolation buildings for the local government, donated cement for the local mosque renovation project, and brought the image of a responsible and responsible Chinese enterprise into the hearts of the people of Kazakhstan, contributing “Chinese strength” to the improvement of people’s well-being. In recent years, Xili Cement Plant has been granted the “Outstanding Investment Contribution Award” by the Kazakhstan government and the “Best Caring Enterprise” by the local government.

Looking back on the past, CGGC Xili Cement Plant Project has yielded fruitful results in the China-Kazakhstan production capacity cooperation, and has set a vivid example of the win-win results of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Looking into the future, Xili Cement Plant will continue to strive to become a first-class supplier of building materials in Central Asia and contribute more to the economic and social development of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian countries.

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