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Zhang Yijun, Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Inspects the Thwake Dam Project
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On November 3, Zhang Yijun, Minister Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, visited the Thwake Dam Project site of CGGC to inspect and guide the work, and express solicitude to the overseas front-line employees. Heads of the Kenya Branch of CGGC and the Thwake Dam Project Department attended the inspection.

Inspection of the project site


Mr. Zhang Yijun and his delegation visited the dam spillway, diversion tunnel, dam backfill area, sand and gravel mixing system to conduct on-site inspections, listened to a brief report from the Head of the Project Department, and extended greetings to the construction workers of China and Kenya who are working on the site. During the inspection, Counselor Zhang Yijun and his delegation carefully inquired about the safety production of the Project Department, vaccination of Chinese employees and their home-country rest, and paid special attention to the explosives storehouse and the hippopotamus reservation area. He also expressed sincere appreciation to the staff for sticking to their posts during the epidemic. After the inspection, Counselor Zhang Yijun spoke highly of the various work of the Project Department, and expressed that he would fully support the Project Department in all its work and promote the smooth implementation of the Project.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Thwake Dam Project Department has overcome difficulties by adhering to the principle of not stopping work, not laying off staff or cutting production, and promoting the implementation of the Project on time, with quality and quantity guaranteed, so as to help the local economy recovery and promote the local sustainable development. The responsible corporate image of CGGC has been highly recognized by the local people, the Kenyan government and the Chinese Embassy in Kenya.


At present, the Project Department has completed the earth-rock development and support work for the main body of the dam spillway. The main body excavation of the diversion tunnel is nearing completion and is expected to be completed within the year. The backfilling of the main foundation of the dam has entered a critical period, and it is planned to complete the river closure after the small rainy season ends this year, so as to ensure that the completion target by the end of 2022 will be fulfilled on schedule.


The peoples are connected, and the destiny is shared. The Project Department has also attached great importance to corporate social responsibility, integrated the concept of social responsibility into all links of project production, and has given full play to the advantages of production technology, shaping a good corporate image. Since the construction began, the Project Department has built 44 classrooms, teachers' offices and drinking water boxes in 13 primary schools in Makuenny and Ketuy counties, and renovated the Grade III hospital in Mavindi Town near the dam area. The school facilities have been completed and accepted in early 2021 and handed over to the local government. In order to solve the problems of drinking water shortage and drawing water difficulty for the residents around the Project, the Project Department repaired and maintained the road from Makuani Town to the drinking point of Thwake River, and built six drinking water wells in two counties of the dam area, meeting the living needs of local people.

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