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The First Highway Project Undertaken by CGGC in Peru Handed Over Successfully
Date:2021-04-25 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On April 21,local time, the Restoration Project of the Highway from Hero Road to Pachacutec Road in Lima, undertaken contracted by CGGC, passed the provisional acceptance. This is the first successfully delivery project of CGGC when facing the challenge of the current severe epidemic situation in Peru, and it also marks the successful completion of the construction task of the first winning project of CGGC after it entered the Peruvian market.

At the acceptance ceremony, Mr. JORGE MUÑOZ, Mayor of Lima, said that CGGC overcame the epidemic and other difficulties to successfully complete the Project,  demonstrating the responsibility of Chinese enterprises under the epidemic and making positive contributions to Peru's economic recovery.

Overhead view of the Project
Located in the San Juan de Miraflores District of Lima, the Project is an urban trunk road with a total length of 12.23 kilometers.By transforming the old roads and pavements in the suburbs of Lima and building new underpasses, it will bring convenience to more than 600,000 local residents along the project and promote the local economic development.
Since the beginning of 2020, Peru's economic development has been affected by the rapid spread of COVID-19. In July 2020, CGGC actively responded to the call of the Peruvian government, formulated a rigorous anti-epidemic plan, created conditions for resuming work and production on schedule, and advanced the project implementation process in an orderly manner. All employees of the Project Department responded to the call of "sprinting towards the overall goal", actively engaged in work, held several "online + on-site" special promotion meetings, and spared no effort to increase human and equipment resources on the premise of ensuring safety, and optimized the construction scheme to provide strong guarantee for the completion of the handover task.
Peru is a key market of CGGC in South America, where nine projects have been signed so far, involving housing construction, transportation and other fields, The rolling development of the project group has been realized, laying a solid foundation for CGGC’s further development in South America. Under the challenge of the epidemic, CGGC will continue to focus on epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production at the same time, make every effort to promote the smooth implementation of projects under construction, so as to build a responsible image of the central enterprise of CGGC.

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