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CGGC International Signs Contract on Ghana Ahafo PV Power Station Project
Date:2021-05-13 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
  Recently, CGGC International and Avior Energy signed the Ahafo 70MW PV Power Station Project in Ghana, with the contract amount of about RMB420 million, realizing the rolling development of the electricity business in the Ghanaian market.
Project Location Map

 The Project is located in Ahafo province, which is in the central and western part of Ghana. It is 320km from the north of Accra, the capital of Ghana, and boasts rich lighting resources. The Project includes the construction of the 70MW PV plant area and related supporting facilities. After completion, the Project will greatly ease the power shortage in Ahafo Province.

  In order to meet the increasing demand for electricity and promote energy Persification, the Ghanaian government has formulated a strategic goal for renewable energy, and plans to increase the installed capacity of renewable energy to 1,360MW by 2030.

  CGGC International has worked in Ghana for many years, and has undertaken a number of livelihood projects, including the Kpong Water Supply Expansion Project. It has won a number of honorary titles such as the National Quality Project Award, and has received wide recognition from the local government and people. Against the backdrop of global energy structural transformation, the Company is actively expanding new energy business in Ghana and even in Africa to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and carbon peak.
  The Project is also the first new energy project signed by the Thermal Power New Energy Pision in Ghana through video negotiation with the assistance of Ghana Branch during the outbreak of the pandemic. The successful contract signing of the Project is an important achievement of the Company in terms of implementation of the Several Opinions of CEEC, adherence to the market-oriented principle and rolling development in Ghana.

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