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Cuzco Road Project in Peru Pushed Forward Rapidly
Date:2021-06-10 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On June 9, the bridge and box culvert of the Cuzco Road Project in Peru, undertaken by CGGC, started construction at the same time for the demolition of the existing Versalle Bridge and the installation of steel bars for drainage box culvert.


The Cusco Road Project consists of 4 bridges, including 3 river-crossing bridges and 1 overpass. The Versalle Bridge is located at pile 6 + 896.17 of the road, which is 25m long and 60.18m wide with the spread foundation and prestressed box girder structure. The demolition of the existing Versalle Bridge is the official start of construction of the second bridge, marking a further acceleration of bridge construction for the Cusco Road Project. In addition to the second Costera Second Bridge, which has started construction, there are currently two bridges under construction at the same time.

The box culvert of Cusco Road Project has a total length of 7.9km, with various cross-sectional dimensions, up to 3.0 × 1.7m. As the box culvert is buried deeply, it directly restricts the construction of the road structure.The beginning of the installation of steel bars marks the beginning of the concrete structure construction of box culvert, and also the beginning of the concrete structure construction of the Cusco Road Project, which is a good opening for the follow-up structure construction. It also creates good conditions for the follow-up road construction.

In order to promote the smooth development of the Cusco Road Project, the Project Department has reasonably arranged the construction resources, strengthened the on-site construction organization,with a result that various tasks were advanced rapidly, and the project gradually entered the fast lane of construction.

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