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Prime Minister of Pakistan Praised DASU Hydropower Project
Date:2021-06-19 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On June 18 local time, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the site of Pakistan DASU Hydropower Project undertaken by CGGC, and praised that the DASU Hydropower Station will open up a new era of social and economic development in the country. Chairman of Pakistan Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and major leaders of KPK Province accompanied him.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Delivering a Speech

During the inspection, Imran Khan listened to the overall situation of the Project and the progress of its construction, heard the reports on its significance in improving the local power shortage, solving the employment of local people and driving local development, and personally inspected the project diversion tunnel, powerhouse intake, underground powerhouse cavern and other construction sites.

Imran Khan gave an important speech at the construction site, thanking CGGC and all the participating parties for their efforts in promoting the project construction and their significant contributions to the energy development of Pakistan. He noted that, the DASU Hydropower Project has achieved satisfactory construction results and he looked forward to the early completion of the Project to benefit the Pakistani people. Imran Khan said, "Coming to DASU Hydropower Project, I felt that the technical difficulty, the installed capacity, the investment scale and the construction difficulty of the Hydropower Project are the highest in Pakistan. After completion, the Project will provide Pakistan with about 21,300 gigawatt-hours of clean power, effectively solve the problem of power shortage in Pakistan and boost the industrialization process of Pakistan. At the same time, I also witnessed the dedication, commitment and pursuit of excellence of the contractor of the DASU Hydropower Project, and the changes the Project brought to local people's lives during the implementation period, and I looked forward to the early completion of the Project. "

As the highest RCC dam under construction in the world, Pakistan's DASU Hydropower Project is one of the most technically challenging projects in Pakistan; it has the largest total installed capacity and the largest total investment, with a total installed capacity of 5,400 MW. The dam is 242 meters high and 570 meters long, and the design volume of RCC is 4.7 million cubic meters. During the construction period, the Project will provide 8,000-10,000 jobs for the local area, and after completion, it will effectively ease the energy shortage of the entire Pakistani region, not only bringing more cheap electricity to Pakistan, but also helping improve Pakistan's energy structure, meet Pakistan's demand for clean energy, promote local economic and social development, and benefit local people's livelihood.

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